New on Instagram: Poke Some Slime to Get Rid of Anxiety

And it's exactly what you think it is!




Slime Poking videos are Instagram's newest gift to mankind​, and we are delightfully disgusted! Trust us, you'll go from 'Ew, why?' to 'Wow, this feels SO good' in about three seconds. They are PRETTY comforting to watch and kinda addictive.

[instagram ]http://instagram.com/p/BIlAJNAA6Vi/?tagged=slimepoking[/instagram]

[instagram ]http://instagram.com/p/BImDLh2hNQL/?tagged=slimepoking[/instagram]

[instagram ]http://instagram.com/p/BIlI10ijgsm/?tagged=slimepoking[/instagram]

We know what you're thinking now—where can I get this magical gooey thingamajig! It's super easy to make, all you need is some liquid borax and glue. You can shop some readymade stuff from fellow Slimers (yes, that's what they are calling themselves) by tracking the sellers through hashtag #SlimeShop on Instagram. 

If #SlimePoking isn't your jam, there's plenty of other feel-good Instagram trends to obsess about—Smoothie Bowls, anyone?