Team Cosmo Picks the Best Movies to Watch After a Break-Up

Move on with some great movies.

​1) Legally Blonde

Nikita Upadhyay, Digital Writer 

"To remind yourself that you don't have to fit in to a man's life plan when you can create an even better one for yourself".

2) Eat, Pray, Love 

Spardha Pandey, Digital Writer

"Master the art of letting go with this one".

3) Shutter Island

Saumyaa Vohra, Senior Features Writer

"Because a great way to keep your mind off the person you're missing is to get your mind completely f*cked by this insane thriller. When that ending comes, everything else will seem trivial".

4) Just Go With It

Noma Nazish, Digital Writer

"Because nothing beats break-up blues better than a rib-tickling rom-com!"

5) Silver Linings Playbook

Mahima Agarwal, Social Media Manager

Because that's exactly what you need to do after a break-up: go find that silver lining.