9 Signs Your Friend is Really a B*tch





1. She specialises in giving backhanded compliments like, 'your new hairstyle really slims your face'. Um, Thanks?

2. She looks like she got a whiff of dog poo when you announce something good that's happened like you've just got a promotion.

3. She 'borrows' your clothes and never ever gives them back. Then you see her wearing them in her insta pics.

4. Whenever you try to organise to meet up, she's always 'super busy, babes!'

5. Then, when you finally make plans, she'll always flake at the last minute.

6. She has permanent b*tchy resting face.

7. She's a compulsive liar. Sorry, but you did not go clubbing with Varun Dhawan last night.

8. You find yourself going all Mean Girl whenever you're around her.

9. She cut off your barbie's hair that one time you were five. no, you're still not over it.