10 Signs It's Time to Finally Break Up





​Chances are, when you started out with your beau, things seemed straight out a romantic movie. But lately, things aren't as amazing as they used to be. Far from it. While most long-term lose that initial, constant-crazy-buzz, there are certain signs that could mean your relationship is over…or should be. Read on to know if your duo has run its course…

1) He Leaves You Feeling Drained. Date nights, phone conversations, a trip to the mall…they all leave you feeling exhausted, as if life has been sucked out of you. Healthy relationships should leave you feeling happy and ready to face the world—at least most of the times. If that's not happening, it may be time to say goodbye.

2) He Puts You Down. Fact: there's a difference between positive criticism and make-you-feel-like-sh*t criticism. If your partner is condescending or drags you down—instead of lifting you up—it's time to pull the plug.

3) You Cry More Than You Laugh. Maybe it's because you're fighting all the time. Or perhaps he's mean or flirts with your friends. Whatever the reason, if you're laughing less and weeping more, it's time to turn off the waterworks (and your twosome). 

4) It's having a negative impact on your mental or physical health. No relationship is worth making you miserable, ill, depressed or severely stressed. Ask yourself this one simple question: 'Is this relationship bringing out the best in me?' If your answer is 'no', that's a deal-breaker. 

5) He's the Jealous Hulk. Feeling jealous in moderation is perfectly normal but when jealously becomes extreme, it becomes toxic. Healthy relationships are not controlling and you should not have to give up your life or friends because of someone else's insecurities. 

6) They don't trust you. Most people will agree that trust is one of the biggest fundamentals of a healthy relationship. If your partner can't trust you in most situations, you need to move on. 

7) You'd rather do other stuff than hang with him. Netflix and Chill, except without him. When you are in a healthy relationship, you cannot wait to see your partner. If you are already starting to wish he wasn't around so much, RUN!

8) You've been fighting over the same big issue. Again and again (and again).Will it ever get resolved? Probably not.  If you can't let go of the problem or if it's something that requires a major change that looks unlikely to happen, then it's wiser to part ways.

9) You're just not attracted to him.You'd rather cut your toenails than engage in some sexy time with your guy.  

10) While reading this Cosmo article, you've nodded your head at least 5 times. Relationships are not perfect but if you connect to majority of the points we mentioned, it is a good idea to pack your bags and move on!