What Men Wish Their Girlfriends Knew About Sex

I mean, why on earth can't they just communicate this like adults?!

You'd think in a healthy relationship, between people who respect and care about each other, there may be some actual communication. And especially when it comes to sex, and what you like and don't like. But, it seems, some people (cough these Reddit guys) cannot quite communicate what they want in bed. Which, yeah, is a real shame for everyone involved.

Here's what they wish their girlfriends knew about sex, or what they wish their girlfriends would do during sex.

1."Sex is not something where people do what they need to do. It should be something where people do what they feel like doing. Without the pressure of expectations or desire for the other person to do something in particular. If you're not free to do what you want without pressure, then what's the point of doing something that's supposed to be all for fun and pleasure?"

2."Play with herself." 

3."Tell me what she likes! And enthusiasm, and showing she likes it is always a plus. I think a lot of guys get off to the fact that their partner is getting off." 

4."Lick my asshole." 

5."To initiate more. Women initiating is the world's greatest aphrodisiac." 

6."Play with the balls and tickle the taint." 


"Edging makes things much more intense"


7."Saying fake ass shit during sex is a turnoff. A little dirty talk, sure, but obviously fake shit is terrible. As well as the high pitched, 'uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh'." 

8."Hold off my orgasm for a little. Edging makes things MUCH more intense." 

9."Use lube/spit when jacking me off." 

10."Showing enthusiasm is the sexiest thing a woman can do. Everything else is secondary." 

11."Eye contact. It's the single most important thing among all things during sex." 

12."Finger my ass." 

13."Communicate if you are insecure about something, or want to try something. Just communicate if something is up." 

14."Please don't ask, 'Are you close to cumming yet?'...