10 Stages Every Woman Goes Through When She Fakes an Orgasm

#4 is sooo relatable 😉.

Let’s face it—orgasm gap exists. According to statistics shared by Durex India, nearly 70% women in India don’t orgasm every time they have sex.

With so many women not being able to orgasm, there are times when otherwise-empowered, sex-positive women decide to fake it. Maybe they are just tired, embarrassed to ask for what they need, or conditioned to believe that there must always be a happy ending (thanks Disney). If you have ever been in this situation, here are 10 thoughts that might have crossed your mind.


1.Ok this is fun, but I am nowhere close to being turned on enough to reach an orgasm RN.



2. I’m kinda really missing my vibrator, TBH.



3. I wonder how long he’s going to take to hit the right spot.



4. OMG, I totally forgot there is a new episode of Riverdale out!



5. Sh*t, maybe I’m not able to orgasm because I’m more emotionally invested in fictional people than real ones?



6. Why the eff can’t he go down on me?



7. I wonder if I should draw him a diagram of my clit, ’coz it’s definitely not where he seems to think it is.



8. Should we order Chinese takeaway after this? At least there’s some guaranteed satisfaction there!



9. I think it’s time to channel my inner Sally...



10. How long do I have to keep sounding like this? Three minutes? Eight? Naah, he might think I’m dying. I’ll just keep it short and sweet.



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