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10 Ways to Build Trust in a Relationship

Arfeen Khan, life coach to Bollywood stars, shares tips to make your relationship last forever 

The secret to a lasting relationship lies in trust, a fragile yet powerful glue that holds the two of you together. Building trust might seem the hardest thing to do when you are starting out in a relationship but it isn’t so much of a challenge when both of you are in it together. Arfeen Khan, life coach to Bollywood stars like Hrithik Roshan, says, “Building a relationship is like sculpting. Trust only happens when you go from ME to WE. The “me” people always end up sabotaging their own life but always looking for what is not done for them. The “we” people work towards building something together with a clear mindset.” The only way to emotional intimacy and lasting connection is through trust. Arfeen lists out effective tips that will help you build trust, feel loved, respected and most importantly safe and content.  

1. Build a framework. Understand the reason why you are together and make sure they are right.

2. Respect is the real definition of love. The more respect you create between you, the greater the love. People don’t fall out of love; they fall out of respect. Define what makes you feel disrespected and agree not to use that as a weapon.

3. Don’t’ expect Bollywood romance involving dancing around the trees. "Have realistic expectations about your relationship and romance. True romance is a result of respect and trust and freedom of expression.

build trust in a relationship

4. Expression provides the glue to stick it OUT; if you’re scared to speak out, then something will go wrong in the future. 

5. Never attack each other’s family, that is the most significant sign of utter disrespect.

6. A great relationship means cleansed minds and healthy bodies. When your partner sees that you are taking care of your body, it will keep the passion alive. 

7. Give each other space but not distance. Space means both must enjoy things that they like to do without each other too. Love is not sticking together; that’s the sure way to boredom.

8. You will both change in ways both of you won't IMAGINE, embrace it. People change, and expect it; it’s human nature to change.


9. You will FIGHT, fight for each other. Fighting is not about wounding or winning; it's about progress. Fighting with others produces pain, and people never forget moments of anger. 

10. The faster you FORGIVE, the stronger your relationship becomes. Learn to say sorry to each other before the night ends.