10 Simple Reasons Why Someone is Not Texting You Back

Before you start jumping to all sorts of conclusions, do pause for a minute to consider these possibilities.

24 April, 2018
10 Simple Reasons Why Someone is Not Texting You Back

Here's something we can all agree with, there is nothing worse than trying to reach out via text or Whatsapp to someone and not have them respond. It could be you BFF, singinifcant other, someone you need a favour from, family or just someone you were catching up with after a while. It's worse if you really care about this person or are anxious to hear back from them. Bottom line is, there is a variety of thoughts that run through you mind ranging from feeling unimportant to worrying or being anxious that someone might be angry with you, to genuinely wondering if they lost their phone.

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The advent of technology has led us to slowly detach ourselves from traditional forms of communication like face to face dialogue or even phone calls, letting our emoticons and memes speak for our thoughts, sometimes causing misunderstandings and miscommunication. But before you fly of the handle or jump to conclusions about why someone is not texting you back, we suggest you consider these ten very practical reasons why this could be happening and take action accordingly.


1.They could be busy with work: We have all had those days when we just get so swamped with work we cannot find time for anything else, let's consider this a possibility for the other person as well.


2.Their phone could be acting up: A lost phone, contacts, broken screen or dead battery, all of these are very real possibilities.

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3.They could be lazy or distracted and just spaced out : Let's face it, not everything should be taken as a personal attack. People sometimes just blank out on some messages, even emotionally charged ones. Being distracted by real life or social media events is pretty common, even though it can be irritating to deal with.

4.They could be caught up in some real life drama of their own: It's entirely possible that the other person is going through a crisis of their own. It's important not to be self centred and think of their perspective. Maybe your friend who keeps cancelling plans and not responding is actually going through some personal stuff you don't know of, so don't write them off just yet.

5.They could be figuring out what to say: This is particularly true of someone you are in a relationship with. Sometimes, answers just take time and it's important to give the other person the correct amount of space.


6.They prefer real life conversations: Some people just hate texting and want to wait till they can call you back. Don't take it so personally, it may have nothing to do with you.

7.You are sending way too many messages : Take a moment to consider the amount of times you are reaching out about the same thing to this person. Maybe, just maybe you could have gotten a little overbearing with your impatience.


8.They are playing games: This is an annoying but a real possibility.You could just be dealing with a twisted or manipulating human being, so beware of patterns of behaviour and move away with dignity in this care.

9.They are embarrassed they can't help you, respond to your feelings: Maybe you asked for a favour and someone cannot comply, or you are dating someone who doesn't feel the same way. A lack of response could just meaning ghosting, so sometimes it's not a bad idea to wake up and smell the coffee.

and lastly.....

10.They just don't like you: This one is self explanatory, and you can always sense when it is true, so just take the hint in this case...enough said!

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