5 reasons why conflicts are good in your relationship

Yup, having arguments really can help strengthen your relationship!

23 March, 2024
5 reasons why conflicts are good in your relationship

We all know that the concept of a ‘a perfect relationship’ is just a facade. Just like any team, couples are bound to have disagreements. Conflict, as uncomfortable as it may seem, is actually a pretty normal and at times, a necessary part of keeping a relationship healthy. Now ‘conflict’ brings to mind images of yelling, slamming doors, or heated arguments. Conflict in any relationship is inevitable, but it doesn't have to be destructive. Believe it or not, when approached constructively, conflicts can actually strengthen your bond. Here are five reasons why a little healthy disagreement can be a good thing for your relationship.

It allows you to grow as a couple 

Conflict often arises where personal growth is required. Maybe you discover a need to be more patient, like learning to really listen to your partner's point of view before interrupting. Or perhaps your partner learns to be a better communicator, expressing their needs more clearly and calmly instead of resorting to passive-aggressiveness. When you tackle conflict together, you both have the opportunity to work on these skills and become better versions of yourselves, both individually and as a couple.

It shows you're committed to finding solutions

Resolving conflict successfully is like laying bricks for a stronger foundation. It's a way of showing your partner that you're committed to working through tough times. When you're willing to face challenges together,  it builds this trust and proves that you're in it for the long haul and that your relationship can weather any storm.

It gives you a chance to empathise with your partner

I remember reading this quote that absolutely changed my perspective on relationships, "I used to think communication was key until I realised comprehension is. You can communicate all you want to someone. but if they don't understand you, it won't reach them the way you need it to."

Disagreements act like little windows into your partner's world. When you calmly discuss them, you get to understand their thoughts, feelings, and motivations better. This often leads to empathy and respect for their perspective. Take, for instance, when you and your partner can't agree on how to spend a Saturday night. You're craving a night in with takeout and a movie, while your partner wants to enjoy a night out with friends. By really listening to their reasoning, you might discover they're feeling mentally drained from work and crave some social interaction for a fun night out. This newfound understanding allows you to see things from their perspective.

It keeps the relationship dynamic alive

A relationship without any conflict can become stagnant and predictable. Healthy conflict, on the other hand, can spark new conversations, challenge perspectives, and keep the relationship dynamic and interesting. It allows you to explore different viewpoints, discover new things about each other, and keep the spark alive. For example, if you disagree about trying a new hobby together; it could take you both out of your comfort zones, create new shared experiences, and add a spark of excitement to your relationship.

It strengthens your emotional intimacy

Conflict, when handled constructively, can create a safe space for vulnerability. By sharing your feelings and anxieties openly during a disagreement, you're inviting your partner to understand you on a deeper level. This vulnerability leads to working on emotional intimacy and strengthens the bond you share.

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