5 things to keep in mind while dating someone older

Love knows no age...

25 February, 2024
5 things to keep in mind while dating someone older

Age is just a number, but let's be honest, if all of your dating experiences have been with people who were roughly your own age, you might not be ready to date someone (much) older than you. While the core fundamentals of connection remain the same, dating someone significantly older brings a unique set of challenges and dynamics to the table.

Here are 5 things to keep in mind while dating someone who is older than you.

Don’t be intimidated but at the same time, value their experiences

Don't let yourself be overshadowed, but at the same time, acknowledge the life experience and potential wisdom that your partner brings to the relationship. See it as an opportunity to learn and grow, both, as a person and in your relationship. 

Be aware of the power dynamics

Are you genuinely trying to help your partner or are you looking to control them? Remember, your partner is not a helpless child. While offering support when needed, resist the urge to micromanage your (younger) partner. Each partner must avoid mothering or controlling the other, regardless of who's older or younger in the relationship. 

Ensure your values, goals, and morals match 

If you agree with each other on the important things, trivial things, like having different tastes in music, don't matter as much. Just like in any relationship, you don't (and won't) have to agree on everything all the time! Just make sure that your goals, values, and morals align with each other. Shared values are the bedrock of any strong relationship, so discuss your philosophies, long-term goals, and deal-breakers early on. 

Accept your differences

It's natural to have different perspectives and priorities when you're in different stages of your life. Your partner might be settled in their career while you're just starting out or vice versa. Accept and embrace these differences with curiosity and understanding. Learn from them and let them inspire you for the better.

Be prepared for external pressure

Dating someone significantly older often invites unwanted opinions and judgements. Friends, family, and even strangers might question the age gap and pry into your relationship. Moreover, name calling also comes into the scene. Instead of letting inaccurate and hurtful labels define your relationship, make a conscious effort to actively challenge these harmful stereotypes. 

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