5 ways to build trust in a new relationship

Learn how to trust your partner in these ways!

01 April, 2024
5 ways to build trust in a new relationship

I often hear my friends talking about their relationship problems, and one of the recurring ones includes wanting to build—or rebuild—trust in their respective relationships. When we think about relationships, we imagine honeymoon phases, butterflies, and giddy excitement. Unfortunately, these wear out after a while and it's only trust and consistency (and love, of course) that keeps your relationship strong and long-lasting. 

So, if you're in a new relationship and are trying to build trust, here are five ways to go about it. 

Be open and honest

When you're honest with your partner, you show them that you respect and value their opinion. Being open about your feelings, plans, and even your past (as appropriate) allows your partner to see the real you and get to know you a little better.

Respect your partner’s boundaries

Healthy boundaries are essential in any relationship. Communicate your needs and wants clearly and listen attentively to theirs. Respecting their boundaries shows that you value their individuality, which creates a safe space for open communication.

Use “I” statements 

As we already know, communication is the foundation for any relationship. Express yourself clearly and openly, but also actively listen to your partner. Avoid any kind of accusatory language and focus on "I" statements to express your feelings.

PS: Healthy communication is a conversation, not a lecture!

Be patient with your partner 

Building trust is a gradual process, not an overnight achievement. There of course will be moments of doubt. Nonetheless, it’s important to be patient with yourselves and each other. Building trust takes a lot of time, but it is possible.

Learn how to be vulnerable with your partner 

The Gen Z call it trauma dump, either way find the right time, place, and situation to have a genuine conversation where you can both be fully present and honest. Sharing your hopes, dreams, and even your insecurities with your partner takes courage, but it also demonstrates trust and creates a deeper connection. It proves that you want to take the relationship to another level. 

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