Here's how to get a toe-curling nipplegasm

Lick it, flick it, and have the orgasm of your dreams.

02 April, 2024
Here's how to get a toe-curling nipplegasm

Orgasms come in different forms. For some women, all it takes is clitoral stimulation to have them shaking. For others, it could be foreplay, followed by penetrative sex. Long story short, the way one woman orgasms is completely different from another. In addition to the clitoris and g-spot, stimulating your nipples can also make you cum (yes, you read that right). 

Studies have shown that stimulating the nipples lights up the genital sensory cortex—the same area of the brain that senses contact with the genitals. With the brain interpreting nipple stimulation like genital stimulation, doing it well can give you that Big O that you so badly desire. 

If you're looking to give nipple play a, here's everything you need to know about what to do and what not to do to maximise pleasure. 

The importance of setting the right mood

Nothing feels better than a romantic and comfortable setting that allows you to relax during sex. Bring out those scented candles and hit that sexy playlist and get ready to turn up the heat in between the sheets. Lastly, get into a comfortable position that allows you to focus on pleasure and nothing else.

Whatever you do, do not rush

Start slow and build up the sexual tension; this will not only arouse your partner but will also leave them asking for more (their body language is cue). Start by kissing and caressing their face and neck and make your way down to the breasts and nipples. Remember to not rush your movements. 

Mix it up with these techniques

Be it going down on your partner or stimulating the nipples, slowly breathing on and around the area is a great way to stimulate the nerves. These long and deep breaths aren’t just good for them, but for you as well as they give you time to relax and experience the sensations in the best way possible. 

Show them how good your licking game is by tracing little circles around the areola, flicking their nipples with the tip of your tongue, or using the flat of your tongue to cover more area. Mix things up by gently squeezing the breasts along with soft nibbles to stimulate more blood to that area and increase sensitivity. Move your fingers to the nipples and roll them in between your fingers (increase speed and pressure with time) to get them over the edge.

Be sure to stimulate other body parts

While you spend time on your partner's breasts, don’t forget to tease other erogenous zones. You could finger them or stroke their belly and move your hands in and between their breasts. By stimulating multiple areas, you can increase the chances of them having an orgasm. 

Bring other things into play

Incorporate some sexy temperature play into the equation for those who have highly sensitive nipples. You could use some massage, lubes, body paint, body oils, and lotions, which have a warming effect, on the breasts and nipples. On the other hand, using ice cubes will send chills throughout their body, cause an instant nipple erection, and add a sensation that’s sure to increase pleasure. Using a sex toy that’s all about suction is a great hands and mouth-free way to massage and stimulate your nipples. Then there are clamps (vibrating or not) that can tease your nipples either worn loosely or tightened that increases pleasure and arousal.

Remember that practice makes perfect. What you must do is focus on the sensation and pleasures (the journey), continue it, and not the orgasm (destination). As mentioned earlier, keep things slow and experience the different sensations as you experiment with different types of touches. The more you explore, the more you and your partner will open yourselves to new-formed ways of pleasure. 

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