7 Signs Your Boyfriend Is Going To Propose

Get ready for the bling!




So you and your boyfriend have been dating for a while now and you are becoming increasingly impatient, waiting for the day he pops the big question! #beenthere 

To help ease your anticipation, we have gathered 7 tell-tale signs your man is going to put a ring on it very, very soon! 

1) He tries to figure out your ring size. 
Either one of your rings goes missing or he has tried to find out your ring size in other sneaky ways. 

2) He talks about the future. 
He often talks about your life together and wants you to know you are in all of his future plans! 

3) He starts saving money. 
Suddenly all of his random splurges stop and he is all about saving money! 

4) He takes you to a jewelry store. 
'Just to window shop'...as if! 

5) He leaves his bachelor days behind. 
Partying and late nights with his boys are long over. He now would rather spend those evenings with you!

6) He acts secretive.
You can tell he is up to something because he is being extra sneaky around you. 

7) His vocabulary changes. 
He may often refer you as his Mrs. and suddenly 'you and me' became 'we'.