70 Pretty Interesting Sex Facts You Probably Never Heard Before

"People who have sex about three times a week are perceived to look four to seven years younger."




1. There's one goal during sex: to be as senusally stimulated as possible. The secret? Well, knowledge is power...and pleasure. So we dig deep for new facts, to up your sexual IQ, help you reach orgasm, and drive him wild.

2. People who have sex about three times a week are perceived to look four to seven years younger.

3. Women place a higher importance on looks than men do when looking for a casual-sex partner...

4. ...but that may not be smart. One poll found that computer nerds make the best lovers, with 82 percent of IT geeks claiming they put their partner's pleasure about their own.

5. ...sadly, only 41 percent of fitness professionals were as selfless.

6. Get it on the night before you need to bring some great ideas to the office. According to anthropologist Dr Helen Fisher, sex triggers brain chemicals that can improve creativity at work.

7. Don't wait to feel turned on before you make a move. Most women experience arousal after the fun has already begun.

8. Beware! Single women are more attracted to men who are taken than to those who are available.

9. Strippers earn more when they're ovulating. Scientists suspect it's due to the pheromones their bodies release. Do a striptease for your guy when you're ovulating (two weeks before your period) and it should create some serious heat.

10. An orgasm can cure your stage fright! A Scottish study found that following sexual release, people had an easier time with public speaking.

11. High levels of the hormone Oestradiol make women more likely to cheat. The reason? It creates bigger breasts and smaller waists. As a result they get more attention and so, have sexual opportunities.

12. Research found that 58% of those who regularly use porn felt more comfortable with their sexuality and tending to their partner's sexual needs.

13. It's the sweet stuff that really gets females hot. A study found that women were more turned on watching a man kissing a woman than having sex. So

try kissing him in front of a mirror.

14. A UK study found that most men prefer women with some curves to super-skinny women.

15. Guys find your voice more attractive at that time of the month - meaning period sex is a prime time to add some dirty talk to the mix.

16. Peyronie's disease is a condition in which a man's penis curves. A drug used to straighten bent fingers is now being used to fix it.

17. Oxytocin, one of the sex chemicals released when you're getting it on, reduces pain by about half.

18. Women who work part-time have more orgasms than full-time employees do.

19. In a survey conducted among multimillionaires, 70 percent felt that money gave them better sex.

20. Keep your gaze locked on his. Experts say eye contact can increase sexual attraction.

21. Having sex once a week can improve your immune function by 30 percent.

22. A 2010 study found that the better a woman's genital self-image, the easier it is for her to orgasm.

23. A poll found that in the US, those who consume the most online pornography live in the most conservative and religious states.

24. Ask him for a scalp massage to get you in the mood. Slow touch, particularly on skin with hair, stimulates C tactile nerve fibres, which send pleasure messages to the brain.

25. Athletic woman say their sexual performance is better…

26. ...maybe that's because female pro-athletes have better clitoral blood flow and sexual satisfaction than women who don't exercise.

27. Furthermore, one study found that just 20 minutes of exercise before going at it will improve your sexual response.

28. Take time to really figure out your feelings-it could help you and your partner out in the bedroom. Women with higher emotional intelligence have more orgasms.

29. When a woman's voice is modulated and energetic, with highs and lows, it can boost both a man's heart rate and testosterone in his blood.

30. Worldwide, 30 percent of men are circumcised.

31. It was discovered that wearing 2inch heels may improve the strength of the pelvic muscles, which in turn helps you orgasm.

32. A woman has a better shot at climaxing during sex if the walls of her vaginal canal are stimulated. A study found that penis length doesn't help accomplish this-girth does. Make him feel 'girthier' by keeping your legs together during sex. It creates more friction.

33. Still, that doesn't stop men seeking out enhancements, with new gadgets on the market that claim to help men add length and possibly girth to their penis...

34. ...and if that doesn't work, he could try dropping a few kilos. For every 16 kilos an overweight man loses, his penis appears to grow 1inch.

35. Scientists believe some women have a more attractive G-spot than others. Certain positions, like leaning back while you're on top, may help him stimulate yours if it isn't as active.

36. A foetus responds to its mum getting it on: it can sense blood-pressure and heart-rate changes, and it feels (non-sexual) excitement.

37. One study found women get aroused by a much wider variety of erotic imagery than men do.

38. Snuggle up while watching TV at night. Couples who cuddle regularly are less likely to get depressed than those who kiss only during sex.

39. Researchers are testing Viagra on women with sexual dysfunction-72 percent of those taking it noticed improvement in their sexual response.

40. A man's body odour turns a woman on. So jump him before he hits the shower after a workout.

41. Phew! Most couples over 65 still have sex at least once a week.

42. Lie on top of him while you're both naked. Skin-on-skin contact floods the body with oxytocin, a hormone that makes you feel close.

43. Make Sunday a cleaning day and you might see your sex life spike. A study found that couples who do more housework have more sex.

44. The best orgasms are the ones where all your senses are engaged. But researchers found that when you're lying down, some senses are reduced. Try climbing on top.

45. For five minutes per day, tense and relax your PC muscles (the ones that hold in pee). It may give you better orgasms.

46. In a study conducted with British and Namibian subjects, researchers found that although each group could identify sounds of anger or fear in the other group, neither recognised the others' moans of delight as sounds of pleasure.

47. Some lucky women can orgasm from breast stimulation alone. Find out if you can do it by asking him to spend extra time there.

48. A global survey by Durex found that Austrians engage in oral sex more than people in any other country.

49. Women are 10 times more sensitive to touch than men are. So before the action really gets going, ask him to run his fingers over your

entire body.

50. Men might think women want them to go all night, but it turns out women want intercourse to be about four minutes shorter than men do.

51. Nerve endings in the clitoris are much more densely packed than they are in the penis, which means it's more sensitive. Have him place a finger on either side and move them up and down. The indirect contact keeps you from being overstimulated.

52. Your morning coffee may be an aphrodisiac: one study found that caffeine made rats hornier.

53. A study found that women experience more pleasure with men who make more money.

54. Thirty-six percent of people under 35 go on Facebook or Twitter or send texts after sex.

55. The 'sexual pursuit' part of a man's brain is two and a half times bigger than a woman's.

56. People who have sex about three times a week are perceived to look four to seven years younger.

57. 30 minutes of sex burns, on average, 85 or more calories.

58. That glazed look a man gets when he sees breasts? His visual brain circuits are on the lookout for signs of fertility.

59. Turns out that animals are into oral sex too. A video recently turned up in China of female fruit bats giving their males fellatio.

60. Women who masturbate regularly are more likely to experience orgasm during intercourse.

61. The more genetically diverse a woman is, the greater, on average, her number of partners. Potential mates are attracted to those who are dissimilar, so the more variation in her DNA, the more appealing she is.

62. Experts say that regular sex can help alleviate migraines.

63. The most-common out-of-bedroom spot to have sex in is a car. The easiest position is him sitting in the passenger seat with you on top, facing the windscreen.

64. One survey found that Spain has the best lovers... or at least that's how their women rated them.

65. About one-third of all people report that sex is better while on holiday.

66. One in three women has gone through periods in her life when she totally lacked sexual desire.

67. While 95 percent of the women consider penile-vaginal intercourse sex, only 89% agree if there's no ejaculation.

68. In one recent study, 31 percent of men report having trouble getting an erection…and 34 percent of men have trouble maintaining one.

69. Physically, it takes men and women the same amount of time to get turned on-about 11 to 12 minutes.

70. Research found that men's sexual fantasies are more often about their partner's pleasure than women's fantasies are.