Sex Compliments Every Girl Loves

Part of being a great boyfriend is making your girl feel like nothing else compares to her... Not even bacon wrapped hot dogs.




Part of being a great boyfriend is making your girl feel like nothing else compares to her… Not even bacon wrapped hot dogs. So tell her how hot she is at critical bedroom moments. It reassures her during a potentially vulnerable time and encourages her to get even sexier with you.

When she's wearing lingerie

Never rip off her bra and panties without appreciating the scenery and acknowledging that she put in the effort to look special for you. "Simply pausing, ogling her, and saying, 'You look soooo amazing in that!' lets her know that you are turned on and appreciate that she's kicked things up," says Judy Kuriansky, Ph.D., author of The Complete Idiot's Guide to Dating.

After a new sex move

When you try something different, she's thinking, Was he into it? Did I do that right? So reassurance that you had fun is good. "It shows her that you enjoy experimenting and are satisfied," says Kuriansky. However, if it didn't go smoothly, don't lie. Make light of it so she knows you're not disappointed, encourage her to laugh with you, and tell her you're sure prac tice will make perfect.

When she's vocal

Sure, if her piercing screams are attracting herds of feral cats, she may need to tone it down. But in general, when your girlfriend broadcasts her pleasure with words or moans, you should too. Otherwise, she may think she sounds weird and will not only be embarrassed but also clam up in the future. Tell her you love her dirty talk or how she sounds when she climaxes. "It assures her that being able to vocalise her enjoyment is arousing for you and that you like it when she lets go," advises Gina Ogden, Ph.D., author of The Return of Desire.

After she's treated you

Being a rock star in the oral-sex depart ment is important to women. "When she finishes pleasing you, she needs to know that you thought she was amazing - it helps her sexual confidence," Ogden says. And a kiss wouldn't hurt either. "Women are nervous that men won't want to kiss them afterward, so doing so reassures her that you're grateful she cares a lot about keeping you satisfied," she adds.