EXCLUSIVE! Alia Bhatt Reveals Her Top 10 Rules for a First Date

In this interview, Ms Bhatt reveals her top dos and don'ts on making the most of your first rendezvous. Only in Cosmo, of course!




Rule 1: Dress comfortably.

"On a first date, I think it's very important to be comfortable in what you're wearing. If you're  not, you'll be conscious and that will show, which in turn will make the other person uncomfortable, too. Don't experiment with something that's not you, too trendy, etc, and choose something you feel beautiful in."

Rule 2: Go somewhere interesting.

"You get to know each other better in a more comfortable setting rather than a formal place. Think of a bowling alleyor a new restaurant that has received great reviews, or even a karaoke place! The idea is to go to a place both of you will enjoy and where you'll get to discover more about each other."

Rule 3: Decode his body language.

"This is really important! I think paying attention to the way he speaks to you and with other people, how comfortable he is around you, etc, is a good way to know more about this person. I'd look at his manners and the way he behaves around people to get to know him better."

Rule 4: Give him subtle compliments.

"Everybody likes hearing compliments, but don't be too in-your-face. Over doing it looks fake, and you don't want to come across as trying too hard. Compliment him on the colour of his shirt, or his shoes, but don't go overboard."

Rule 5: Remember, he's probably nervous too!

"Don't put too much pressure on him. Don't judge every move and action of his. You wouldn't want someone doing it to you, so don't put him through it, either."

Rule 6: Seek common ground.

"Make a genuine effort to find out about his likes and dislikes and see where you have shared interests."

Rule 7: Wear a nice fragrance!

"Smelling good is very important to me. People associate other people with their fragrance, so wear something sexy. It really makes a difference."

Rule 8: Don't dig out the past.

"What happened earlier isn't really important; it is what lies ahead. Focus on talking about the present rather than the past."

Rule 9: Don't ask about marriage/kids...just yet!

"Even if you fall head over heels in love with the guy during your first meeting, refrain from talking about settling down, etc. You don't really know each other yet, and the over-eagerness may scare him away!"

Rule 10: Be Confident.

"Don't let him intimidate you. If you're feeling nervous, say it. It eases the tension! Don't put too much pressure on yourself, and smile...it'll help calm you down!"