5 Super Simple Tips to Get Your Flirting Game On Point

You've scanned the room and spotted the man of your dreams. Here's what you could do, without coming on too strong ofcourse...




1. It might seem super obvious but you can't make a solid connection with someone unless you look them in the eye. When you're nervous you tend to look down or across the room--don't. Try you best to meet his gaze, and hold it.

2. Giggling like a school girl or guffawing are big no-no's but an open, natural laugh shows you have a sense of humour--a trait most guys gravitate towards.

3. Your body language is super important, too. Don't just stand around with your arms crossed--this signals 'unapproachable'. Relax, and get yourself a drink.

4. Don't get all excited and talk about yourself. Take an interest in what the other person has to say. It shows your willingness to accomodate others.

5. Stage a disappearing act and leave once you've chatted for a while and exchanged details. Give him a chance to pine for you--anticipation is exciting!