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This is How You Orgasm, According to Your Zodiac Sign

And a ranking of how fast you get off!

1. Aries

aries gif

Your innate competitive nature makes you delve deep in to the science of everything you do and master it better than the others, which includes and is not limited to sex. Which is why—​the pro that you are—​is able to get off in the blink of an eye! Your impatient mind wants to hurry up and get on with other interesting things to do, like catching the new show on Netflix, or maybe try out that new recipe for breakfast. Wham, bam, phew—​what's next?


2. Leo


The entire forest shakes when the lioness roars, so how can a Leo orgasm in a fashion that is anything but dramatic? You're all about power, and if your orgasm was a movie, it would definitely be titled ​It's a Wonderful Life! ​and maybe have the ceiling falling down. Considering how obsessed you are with yourself, you're already swooning over yourself, which is why you're the fastest zodiac to get off when masturbating. You love yourself, ​quite​ literally. But if you're really into your man, you'll be the one to prolong the sesh and not end it anytime soon.

3. Sagittarius


Frivolous and seeking adventure all the time, your orgasm depends hugely on where exactly are you getting down and dirty. If there's even a hint of risk, and thrill involved, like humping in a public place (we know doing it on​ the beach, or just under the starry sky turns you on like nothing else!) you're quick to cum. You're not the one to fuss much about it though, as long as you get to cum first.


4. Gemini


If there's one thing that can kill a Gemini, it's boredom. Nothing kills your mojo like anything that quickly escalates into becoming a routine. That's why, every time you orgasm, it is like a whole new feeling which your body totally succumbs to, mesmerised and forgetting everything else. How long you take to get off, depends a lot on when you flicked the bean last, if you know what we mean. Having power over your partner spurs you on further, making sex a lot more exciting and satisfying when you control the reigns. 


5. Libra​


When every inch of their body is beautiful and graceful, you know you're making out with a Libra. Even in the primal act of fornicating and the final climax, they manage to exude beauty and a natural charm. Cumming is not the catch here—​it's the partner. Librans are often too much into their partner when they're sexing it up, and anything even slightly gross can turn them off, delaying their orgasm. But if they're boning with a long-term partner, or just getting off by themselves, they can pretty much snap their fingers and cum!

6. Scorpio


You're all about passion—​rough, raw, and romantic! So, it isn't surprising that your orgasm style is ​almost​ aggressive. A bombshell in bed, you make sure you leave your partner spellbound, with your moves as well as your big-O. Most of the times, you're horny AF, and can experience an intense orgasm, but just sometimes you may get so lost in the whole act of love-making and pleasing your partner, that climaxing no longer remains the focus.



7. Capricorn


Your grounded and selfless nature bends you more toward your partner climaxing before you. Which sometimes, makes it a tad bit clockwork for you, more like a  job that follows a certain protocol. Your innate need to excel everywhere, even here, shifts your entire focus to your partner. Which is why, it may take you slightly longer than others to taste the sweet taste of orgasm. Interestingly, even the season affects your ability to climax. You cum faster in summers as opposed to the winters. Who know, maybe the cold turns you off?


8. Cancer


Pretty darn loud, and almost shrieky while getting off, you take your own sweet time. Much like your nature in general, it is difficult to get you out of your shell even in bed. You need that extra tease, and literally need to be coaxed into letting loose and dive into the pleasure. You don't trust people easily to show your most vulnerable side while getting physical, and that's how your system works even when you're taking a romp in the sack.


9. Pisces


Remember that wine-tasting class you took, which was all about savouring the wine—​smelling it, letting your tongue revel in the flavour of the wine? Yeah, for the dreamy Pisces, that's exactly how a lovemaking sesh works. It's dizzy, intense, and deep (pun intended). They tend to get lost in the the act, and it may take them quite a while to build up to the climax. But when they do, you'll never seen anyone as gratified as them! They won't get into boning, if they're not into their partner as much. 


10. Aquarius​


You're a happy soul, and sex for you is like meditation. It gets you going even more, which is why you don't just do it for a quick dose of dopamine. You get involved when you really have time, and always try to extend the fun. Who wants a quickie, when you can get so much done with foreplay, right?



11. Virgo​


Practical, and quite the minimalist, you Virgo don't believe in being vocal about your orgasm. You're quiet as a mouse, and sometimes can even keep your partner scratching his head, whether it's even working for you or not. You have so many things on your mind that they even creep in when you're having sex, which may delay your peak even further. Don't be so hard on yourself Virgo, you can think about your to-do at some other time and enjoy the session for now.



12. Taurus​


The insane romantic at heart, your orgasm hardly sees the light of day, you know what we mean? It's literally art to you, and you hardly care about the end. The journey matters more to you, and you could go on with it for hours even. Everything looks like a slow-mo movie, and time stands still, literally. Essentially speaking, you don’t just orgasm with your genitals, you orgasm with your heart​!