7 Signs He's Totally Into You

...even if he hasn't said the 'L' word!




Sometimes it takes guys longer than you like to utter the three little words that you SO badly want to hear (Hint: I LOVE YOU!). Below are out top 7 signs he's totally into you, even if he hasn't said the L word yet!

1) He takes care of you
Sick or not, he's is always there to take care of you!

2) He is proud to show you off
When he invites you to hang with family or friends, he shows you off like a queen. It definitely means he knows how lucky he is to have you! 

3) He sends you random, adorable text messages
Messages like "I'm thinking about you" or "Can't wait to see you" is his way to letting you know you are on his mind.

4) He is protective over you
If he always has your back in any given situation, it shows that you're important to him!

5) He makes you an important part of his life
If he seeks your advice in situations from work to his friends, it shows that you are a crucial part of his life and your opinion matter to him!

6) He enjoys spending time with you
When you two can hang out, without it always leading to sex, it's a sure sign that he enjoys your company!

7) He talks about the future
If he is constantly making future plans with you like trips or advanced celebrations, it is a huge sign that he is totally smitten!