10 Things NOT to Say On a First Date

Number 3 is just hilarious!



  1. ​"So, how many kids do you want?"
  2. "Some people say I remind them of Britney Spears, but that's probably just because I had a breakdown last year."
  3. "You're not gay? You're, like, the gayest straight guy I've ever met."
  4. "I had a very painful childhood. How much time do we have before the movie?"
  5. "C'mon. Are you telling me you've never gone through your ex's trash?"
  6. "I collect New Kids on the Block memorabilia. You're a fan…right?"
  7. "Now, exactly how schooled are you in the four Cs of diamond classification?"
  8. "Just so you know, I'm not interested in a long-term relationship at the moment. I'm holding out for Ranbir Kapoor."
  9. "OMG, it's the funniest story. I was in bed naked with this guy and his buddy when..."
  10. "Did you know that you're starting to develop a bald patch back there?"