Here's How to Deal With Those Annoying Texts From Your Ex

Minimum damage, guaranteed.




​The 'ex-text' is often unwanted, but usually unavoidable. Here's how to deal when he WhatsApps you out of the blue:

'Hey, can I come pick up my stuff later?'

Er, how about no. You don't need your ex in your space regardless of who called it quits, and it's not okay for him to expect you to be available on the day he messages you. Think about how much time you need and where would be a good place to meet before you reply suggesting a place and day for a swap. If you're not ready, say so. 

'Heyyy.../LOL u up?' 

The number of 'Y's' is probably a good indicator of how many tequilas he's downed at the bar. We'll take a bet he sent this in the early hours of the morning, and that he had no chill when he was doing the drink 'n' type. Delete. He'll thank you for it.

'You'll never find anyone like me' 

This is emotional blackmail, and it's not cool to take stabs at your future love life. He may be hurting, but you need to protect yourself. Remember: he has no claims on you, and no right to put his emotions on a pedestal. Do not reply.

'I just listened to this song and it reminded me of you' 

Sometimes the 'I miss you' sentiments need to be kept to yourself. It's important you give each other space to move on. Take a breath, appreciate that he's struggling—but whatever you do, don't listen to that song!

'I know you have a meeting tomorrow morning, good luck'

It's annoyingly sweet that he's genuinely thinking of you, and the care he's expressing does seem authentic. But if he didn't do this when you were together, this could be a ploy to get back together. If not, it will just make you miss him—so reply, 'Thank you, but in the future don't text things like this. It's difficult for me to move on if you do'.