4 Things To Do To Distract Yourself After a Break-Up

Say 'no' to endless nights of sobbing into your pillow.

​Say 'no' to endless nights of sobbing into your pillow. Keeping busy will help you...

Start a New Series

With netflix now available in India, streaming Tv shows has never been easier. On our radar? The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. season two of this comedy (brought to you by Tina fey) is already out, people!

Join a Gym Class

don't fall into the unhealthy post-breakup trap of comfort. It will only make you feel worse. remember when kelly Osbourne famously checked into a boot-camp rehab after her split from fiancé Matthew Mosshart? We're not suggesting a crazy crash diet—but how about balancing out your diet (totally necessary) kilojoule gorge with a new Zumba or pilates class? exercise boosts feel-good endorphins.

Get on Tinder

a virtual rebound can be therapy in itself, and you don't have to get all smutty with sexting—some innocent voyeurism will help you give much-needed reassurance that, yes, plenty of other smart (hot) men exist for when you're ready.


You're single again, and what was your love nest now feels like a painful reminder of the past. Toss out the polaroid pegs of couple-fies, and the revolting rug he bought. It's time your space got a fresh start—new bedding, fresh flowers, and an organised cupboard with space that's just for you.