How to Trim Your Own Fringe at Home!


Cosmoin India
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Cosmo caught up with Shweta Johar, Hairstylist at Worship Salon, New Delhi, who reveals this pretty simple tips to trimming your own bangs. You're welcome!

​l.  Wash hair and blowdry it straight. For wavy hair, use a  straightening iron to even out the fringe. Use sharp scissors. l  Separate the crown by bringing down the fringe to its existing length. Use the middle of your eyebrows to create two sections, which will be the middle parting. Clip one section.

2.  Start the trim from the outside, working your way in. The scissors should be at an angle, while your thumb rests on your cheek.

3.  Once you reach the middle section and the desired length has been cut off, unclip the other section. 

4. Match the length cut, in the middle of your forehead. In terms of direction of the cut—continue in the same direction as the one you had started with. Blowdry with a round brush. l  Post the blowdry, you may identify a few strands peeping out. Cut them carefully at the ends, avoiding touching the length of your fringe.

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