5 Minutes With Laurent Philippon

The hairstylist extraordinaire lets us in on haircare secrets, DIY hacks, and styling the major celebrities of Hollywood.

Nikita Upadhyay

1) What do you think about the current trends for Asian/dark coloured hair this year.

If I see what’s happening in the West, it is all about embracing your texture. With every texture you have something to do and over here you have one more factor, the climate. So, I think in any case it is wrong to go against nature and try something that'll go against the weather conditions. It WILL backfire.  

2) Tell us about one fail-proof hack to get more volume on your hair preferably without using heat.

Well, in all fairness, you do need a little bit of heat! If you have super heavy hair, you need to back comb it and spritz a little bit of hairspray on the roots.

The hairspray needs to stay wet while you blow-dry your hair from root to tips. And when you're done creating a bounce, apply some more hair spray to maintain it. 

3) Share a tip to treat a dry scalp.

You've probably heard of the umpteen miracles of coconut oil that are all over the Internet. What you probably don't know is that the powdery extract from that coconut, when mixed with coconut oil  and applied on your scalp can work wonders for a dry scalp. 

 4) Out of all the celebs you have styled, who is the most experimental?

I think Björk has definitely been the most experimental artist I've worked with. She has really looked for new ways, new styles in her music and her looks. It has been an immense pleasure to work with somebody who has a proposition and a point of view.   

 5) Best hair colour trend for Indians. 

Once again, I think one should embrace what they have. However, if you want to go a tone lighter, then light brown may just be the best choice for brown skin, but definitely no lighter than that. I love grey hair. I think it can be worn beautifully by people who have a warm skin tone.

Inputs from Laurent Philippon in his first-ever Master Class in India in collaboration with Make-Up Designory (MUD) and Leap India Institute.

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