Ok, So Chandigarh is Not Banning Mini-Skirts in Discos!


Aishwarya Dravid

When a leading daily published an article earlier today about the fact that the Chandigarh administration has decided to ban entry to women in discotheques wearing mini skirts or short dresses, Twitter was outraged. 

Needless to say, people expressed their anger over social media, and also made it pretty clear that the ruling was ridiculous to say the least.

In its policy, 'Controlling of Public Places of Amusement, 2016' the administration has already implemented that bars and discos in the city be shut down at 12 am instead of 2 am, a step that's been implemented since the 1st of April.

But recent reports indicate that no such law may be put into place after all. And the facts were in fact misinterpreted by the media.

Here's what Anurag Agarwal, the Home Secretary of Chandigarh had to say.

"We are not doing any moral policing. Media has misunderstood the issue. The policy was formed on the basis of directions issued by the high court. This is just a policy and not an act or law. The idea is not to unnecessarily penalise anybody. But to control activities and maintain law and order," Agarwal said.

Policy or not, even talk about such a ban is shocking. In an era where the entire country is rallying for feminism, and organisations are taking conscious stands against sexism, such a ban is a real set-back.

Let's hope social media knocked some sense into the Chandigarh administration. 

If not, anybody have a kick-*ss salwar suit I can wear to the club this weekend?

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