7 Common Mistakes That are Ruining Your Summer Makeup Look

Your wardrobe may not be the only thing that you need to update this season...

As we jump into June with the Indian summer in full swing, there is much to love about the sunny days ahead.

Pool parties, barbeques and bikini season make it the best time of the year to slip on a pair of OTT sunnies and an oversized hat, and cool off with some fab ice-blended cocktails. 

summer girls

Sounds divine? We bet you can hear California Girls beginning to play in your head, but before you run off to put on your pair of Daisy Duke shorts, there is one thing that you need to be super careful about, and that's to avoid looking like this at ANY cost.

melting makeup

That's right, summer can be a tricky time to wear makeup. All those tricks and hacks that work so well for you all year long can suddenly go terribly wrong in the sunny season, leaving you looking like a fried egg or a melting doll face (ouch!) if you are not super careful.

But worry not, we have 6 super important hacks to update your summer make up skill set, so read on.

1. Skipping your primer: We know the weather is hot and you are tempted to keep it light, but your primer is what helps to keep your base set in place, so skipping it can lead to cloggy and uneven foundation. Pro-tip: Make sure you use a water based primer in summer instead of a silicon one, which will dry and suffocate your skin. 


2. Using your winter foundation: Your skin changes with the weather, as does the light outside. Needless to say, the same color and texture of foundation that looked flawless on you when it was colder, can start looking pale, pasty and patchy under the bright sunshine. Makeup experts say that whether you like it or not, you will get some tan this summer, so it's best to move on to a sheer formula in a warmer shade. Foundation shelf life is generally three years, so save your winter foundation for next season. 

bad foundation

3. Matching your eye shadow to your dress: Unless you are going to a vintage Barbie theme party, this is one look that should be avoided at all costs. The bright and match-y eye shadow can look harsh and take away from your face, besides making you look older and dated. Use a subtle shimmer or a nude instead, and add some pop with a nice contrast lipstick.

bad eyeshadow

4. Using the wrong bronzer: We know that summer is all about looking sun-kissed, but the wrong shade of bronzer can leave you looking like you are on the barbeque menu, and NOT in a cute way! The trick is to be subtle and work with your natural colour—gold tones for cooler skin tones and peachy bronze for warmer hues—to create the best effect.

bad bronzer

5. Over-powdering : Though it may seem to make sense to switch to powder based products to help counter sweat, this is a major mistake. A lot of people use too much powder during the warmer months, and when powder keeps getting reapplied it eventually just starts to look caked on and your skin doesn't get to breathe. The skin also gets dry during the summer, and the powder based products make it worse and start to settle into unsightly creases when you sweat. Instead, use a sheer foundation or a tinted moisturiser, and opt for powder-less blotting papers.

over powder

6. Not switching to waterproof makeup: We all know that waterproof products are a must for the pool or the beach. Well, surprise surprise, you should be wearing them all the time during the summer months, especially in India. Since most of our summer months are highly humid, even the best of makeup can end up looking gluggy and smudgy. Best to stick to a waterproof formula during the heat, especially for your eye-makeup and mascara to get flawless results.


7.Trying to fight the weather: Try as you might, the summer months are hot and you are going to perspire a bit. Though you need to fight that on your body, there are ways to make it work for your face. Cheeks a little oily? Add some tint to make it into a bevy blush. Remember, a little bit of sweat can look like the perfect glow when highlighted in the right places.

sweat proof

Embrace these seven commandments of summer makeup and look your dewy, glow-wormy and sun kissed best!

P.S. Remember to use lots of sunscreen and moisture at night to keep your skin healthy.