Celebrity Hairstylist Rod Anker Answered the Most Burning Questions About Haircare

From trends to haircare mistakes — Rod has the answer to everything!

One can’t talk about hairdressing and hair design in India without talking about Rod Anker. The award-winning Australian hairdresser has not only created a very successful brand, but an empire that is synonymous with cutting-edge hair design and hair styling. So, when we wanted to talk hair — from trends to hair care — we obviously went straight to the expert and sat down to pick his brain on what 2019 holds for the world of hair. 



What, according to you, is going to be the biggest hair cut and colour trend of 2019? 

I would say, curtain bangs. Bangs are already making a big comeback, and I think that’s what 2019 is going to be all about. As far as colour trends are concerned, we did see a lot of balayage in 2018, and I think this year we will continue to see balayage in the beginning of the year. But toward the latter half, I think we’ll see more block colouring. 

What was your favourite Instagram hair trend of 2018? 

I think it was the biggest hair trend — the lob, it was everywhere. 


What is the one common mistake that most women make when it comes to hair care? 

I think one of the biggest misconception that a lot of people have is that conditioner makes your hair flat. There are some people who don’t like using conditioner because they think it makes their hair oily or flat. But, in fact, conditioner has nothing to do with that. If you don’t condition, then the hair cuticles stay open, it becomes static-y, you get split-ends, and the colour fades. And another misconception that a lot of people have is that washing your hair everyday will lead to hair fall and that is completely untrue. The quality of the products matters, and even if you were to use inferior quality products it wouldn’t increase hair fall. 

So, is there any way to help reduce hair fall? 

That’s a tricky question — because hair fall happens to everyone on the planet. It’s not something that can be cured. It’s just the way the human body is built. So we lose about 100 hairs a day, irrespective of how often we wash it or how regularly we comb or brush it. Ninety per cent of our hair grows and 10 per cent is dead. And different people experience more hair fall at different stages in their life, depending on their diet, age, and health, but everyone goes through it and there are no magical tricks or supplements that can cure it. So, we just have to accept it. 


There's a lot of debate about whether one should brush one's hair regularly or not, with some dermatologists saying that you shouldn’t be brushing or combing your hair at all — what's your take? 

I say that the only time you should be combing your hair is when you’re in the shower and your hair is wet. There’s no actual purpose to brushing it every day because it doesn’t increase growth or stimulate your scalp. In fact, brushing it every day just creates static in your hair and it gets worse if you oil it. The only time you should use a comb is when you’re washing your hair, you’ve got conditioner in and use a wide-toothed comb to comb through — that’s it. 

What's the best way for a woman to communicate with her hairdresser, to get the cut she wants?

I would say, go to a better salon! (laughs) So, 90% of a hairdresser’s job is communication. If a hairdresser can’t get you exactly what you want and work with you toward a style that works for you, they’re doing a bad job. I would also suggest going for a consultation beforehand, and just speak to the hairdresser about what you should get done, so that both of you are on the same page and you’re more comfortable. 

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