5 Japanese Skin Care Secrets That Will Give You Younger, Glowing Skin

Ever wonder how Japanese women always have clear, glowing skin? Here's the secret.

When it comes to good skincare, we can all agree that the east has got it right. In the past few years, Korean beauty has taken the beauty world by storm, with its revolutionary skincare methods. Slowly, the Japanese also revealed to have some amazing tricks up their sleeves that help them attain that naturally glowing, soft, and youthful skin. So, we started digging to discover exactly what these tricks are and were surprised to find that they're actually all quite simple. Moreover, the Japanese believe in letting your skin breathe, and use few cosmetic products and more natural products. Curious to find out what we discovered? Read on: 

1. Use a face massager


That's right — those little rollers you were sceptical about, actually work. The Japanese believe in stimulating the skin and the facial muscles, to promote blood flow and keep the skin taut and minimise wrinkles and lines. Wash your face with warm water and then massage your face.   

2. Drink green tea 


Green tea and macha are hugely important components of Japanese culture. It is consumed (usually as tea) multiple times a day and can be credited for giving the Japanese their iconic glow. Macha or green tea, has anti-inflammatory properties, which reduces redness and spots. What's more, it is also packed with chlorophyll and anti-oxidants that help protect the skin from harmful UV rays. 

3. Use skin softeners


We're all used to toners being part of our skincare routines, but toners can be quite harsh on the skin, drying it out. So, the Japanese prefer using skin softeners, which are a gentler alternative to toners. Instead of drying out your skin, it locks in the moisture and makes your skin look plump. It also comes in the form of lotions — not moisturisers, but more watery lotions.

4. Use gentle products


The Japanese believe in using products that help your natural skin look better, not by covering it up, but by enhancing it. So, they believe in using gentle soaps, cleansers, and masks that don't disturb the natural balance of your skin. 

5. Consume collagen


We've all heard of collagen being an important ingredient in all skincare products, because of it's amazing protein power that maintains firm, radiant skin. But the Japanese go one step further, and don't apply the collagen externally, but consume it in a variety of ways. This is usually done by boiling meat and bones and drinking the broth or making delicious food from it. There are a wide range of collagen drinks, too. This, they believe, gives your skin a collagen boost from the inside and not just the outside. 

So now that you know how to get that glowing, soft skin, are you prepping to buy that face massager?