11 Spring-Summer 2019 Beauty Trends That Deserve a Place In Your Arsenal

Cosmo curates a look book of warm-weather season trends, palettes, and styles.

1. Not A White Lie
No doubt, coloured peepers look stunning. But if you’re tired of smokey smudges around your eyes, a clean white flick is both striking and mess-free. This look is easy as pie to cop: pick a white pencil/liquid eyeliner—there are loads of options ranging from budget buys to luxe ones—and swipe on the lids either lining them or creating a subtle flick. Pro tip: white eyeliner looks bomb with pared-down lips and bright clothes, which create a chic contrast.



2. Into The Gloss
It’s one product that hardly made news since the ’90s, but gloss is back with a vengeance... everything from glossy skin to lips and lids are major right now. Get the look by investing in clear gloss. First, even out your skin tone with a colour corrector or concealer. Next, apply lid primer and top up with gloss, and finish with a glossy mouth.




3. Ice Princess
Shades of blue have been trending for a few seasons now, but this summer, a lighter, icy shade (think Arctic snow, not pastels) emerged on the runways. A wash of colour on your lids is all you need to make eyes stand out. The best part: you can take this colour to AW19 as it ties in with the whole ‘winter theme’ effortlessly.




4. The Dotted Line
Not a huge fan of eyeliners or eyeshadows? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Lining your peepers with tiny crystal dots is a great way to not just highlight them, but also make a strong beauty statement. Minimal make-up pairs best with this look, but if you’re feeling risqué, go with a bold mouth and edgy braids.




5. It’s A Pop Party
Locking in a bright colour on your lids is a great way to ring in Spring/Summer. But this trend has evolved from being a seasonal fling to a year-round affair. You can go with a pop-lids-and-mouth combo or focus on just eyes or lips. Shades of yellow, blue, purple, and green are popular picks, but it’s also cool to go with whatever hues your heart desires.




6. On A Hair High

Top buns are a lazy girl’s best friend, and it’s a blessing that this hairstyle has turned into such a massive trend. This year, it shed its messy image and was presented in a more slick avatar. Second-day hair works perfectly for this ’do—just use a smoothing serum to tame flyaways and frizz.




7. Negative Space
We love that backstage pros come up with new ways to wear eyeshadow every season. SS19 made negative space positively viral. Plus, it’s super-easy to recreate. Now, the more meticulous way to get this look is by carefully swiping on eyeshadow on your lids, leaving a vertical space in the middle. But if you’re pressed for time, just apply shadow on the entire lid and use a cotton swab to neatly erase pigment from the middle. Go with nude lips and just a hint of flush on the cheeks, and if it’s pastel, pair it with a pop pout.





8. Art For Eyes Sake
This look is, perhaps, a test of your artistic skills and how steady a hand you can keep. We love that it only requires a single product: a smudge-proof eyeliner (okay, we lied, you would need foundation and maybe, a smidge of concealer!). Using the pencil, start with the outer corner of your eyes to create a cat-eye wing. Take it up to your temples, right under your brows and then bring the wing back in as if you were drawing the shape of your eyes over your lids. Make a sharp point in the inner corners, the draw over your artwork with a dark, gel liner. Finish up with a couple of coats of volumising mascara and a hint of dusty pink on the lips.




9. Flutter Fantasy
With so much colour being thrown around, how can you leave lashes behind? Coloured mascara is a great way to add a hint of pop to your look with minimal effort. With shades as cool as lilac, pink, blue, oxblood, and more, it’s hard to pick just one. But why even limit yourself?




10. Hey, Sparkles!
Remember what we said a few pages ago? Gloss is back! And it’s only fair to give the ’90’s shimmering, glossy lips a chance. It’s just like frosted lipstick but better (’coz it’s glossy, duh!). Plus, it has a very intergalactic feel to it. Now we won’t tell you how to get the look (because it literally involves you swiping product on your lips), but what we can tell you is how many ways you can use this one tube of glittering potion. The answer: many! On the lips, lids, cheeks (just a smidge, though), and even brows—yes, glittering brows exist and they look fly.




11. Double Trouble

Question: how much glitter is too much glitter? There’s no right answer, really... If you have some loose glitter pigment at your disposal, you may want to use it to highlight your perfectly slicked-back, half-tied hairdo. To get the look, mix the loose glitter with strong-hold hair gel and smooth it over—this will make it stay put. Want to take the look to the next level? Line lower lids with a contrasting glitter eye pencil. Load up on highlighter to make the look extra-shiny and keep your lipstick nude.