Here's How Your Workout Routine is Messing With Your Skin

Regular exercise has many benefits for your skin and hair. However, if you are noticing sudden breakouts and uneven spots, dermatologist Dr Veenu Jindal shares how to amp up your pre and post-workout skincare routine.

Turns out the key to glowing skin and a fit body is one and the same — regular workouts. 

Clinical and cosmetic dermatologist Dr Veenu Jindal agrees. Not only does working out help you get fit, but it can also prevent acne and pigmentation associated with PCOS!  

"Regular exercise is really beneficial for the body. It increases the flow of blood and oxygen and promotes young skin cells and collagen production which makes your skin look glowing and young. Regular exercise can even regulate the symptoms of PCOS and prevents acne. On top of that sweating is really good for the skin as it helps to clear out the pores and releases toxins inside the body that prevents pimples, dark patches, dullness etc," she says.

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So, even though exercise also reduces stress which is responsible for premature ageing, there are times when it can have an opposite effect on your skin. So, if you think your sweat sessions are causing you to break out and dulling your skin, here's a handy list of dos and dont's to keep in mind:

Don't exercise wearing makeup as it clogs the pores blocking the release of sweat which may result in blemishes and breakouts.

Always take shower post-workout. Sweat can attract bacteria or clog pores that may result in breakdown or acne to the skin.

Do not work out in sunlight. Sunburn may cause skin cancer. If you want to work out in sunlight, wear sunscreen. But sunscreens are not effective for long as they get removed through sweat.

Prevent workout acne and ageing

Sunscreen, cap are a must for outdoor sessions 

"UVA rays accelerate the process of ageing manifolds. Always protect yourself from the harmful effects of sun rays with a broad-spectrum sunscreen with a minimum SPF 50, preferably water-resistant and sweatproof. Do not forget to reapply sunscreen after 2 hours of workout in the sun. Also,consider wearing a hat/visor during summertime." 

Cleanse, always 

"Cleanse your face both before and after workout. This makes sure that the germs, oil and product buildup is removed effectively, and bacterial and fungal infections are prevented. Always remove makeup before workout to prevent acne breakouts. It’s okay to wipe It before and wash it with soap after.

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Hydration is a must 

"Keep yourself thoroughly hydrated throughout. This ensures that all the toxins are released."

Gravity isn’t kind so include Face Yoga in your regime 

"Long time runners may suffer with ‘Runner’s face’ eventually characterized by sagging of cheeks and a gaunt look. So, include face yoga and a sculpting regimen consisting of facial exercises to stimulate collagen production and enhance lymphatic drainage helps to prevent facial sagging. Preventative procedures such as Botox, fillers, thread lift are advanced techniques to counter ageing."