5 Ways to Shop for Lipsticks Online

These expert tips will make you a smarter online shopper 

Lipsticks an integral part of our lives. A little colour on the lips can do wonders to not just our face but also to our confidence. And how many times in the past, we have spent hours checking out new shades and then waiting to try them out at the nearest mall. But with the pandemic and social distancing becoming the new reality of our lives it will be many moons before we can shop lipsticks in the traditional way. We are sure you must have checked out lipsticks online, ordered a few and given up on a few more due to confusion. It’s not easy to navigate through thousands of varieties available online. It can be quite overwhelming to choose just a few. To put your mind at ease we have listed some useful tips below.

1. List down your needs

Reena Chhabra, CEO Nykaa Brands says, “when shopping online, keep in mind the occasion that you're looking to purchase the lipstick for, or the kind of finish that you prefer.” For instance, if you are looking for an easy everyday wear zipper, opt for creamy matte lipsticks that are lightweight and comfortable. Want something for office? “Then go for Ultra Matte or Matte To Last liquid lipsticks, as these are super matte and long lasting, suggests Reena.   For a party, you can opt for glossy or metallic liquid lipsticks!

how to shop for lipstick online

2. Choose the right shade

Determine your skin tone. If you're cool-toned, pinks, berries, purples, and mauve-toned nudes will latter your complexion. If you're warm-toned, you'll look good in orange, brown, peach and coral shades. A lot of websites give you the option to virtually try the shade online. Powered by Augmented Reality (AR), this feature allows you to post your selfie and lets you try out the different shades available on the website on your image. You get to see how a particular shade looks on you and decide. 

3. Should you worry about the shelf-life?

“Generally, lipsticks have a shelf life of 36 months so it is a great investment for your makeup collection,” says Reena. So something available on the website would be safe to invest in. However, once you receive your lipsticks, check for the date of manufacturing.

how to shop for lipstick online

4. Don’t skip customer reviews

Make sure that before buying a product you read up about the reviews posted by other customers. This will give you a fair idea. Also look up independent blogs and vlogs, the bloggers usually test and try the products and post reviews. Learn from other’s experience. 

4. Try mini versions

It makes a lot of sense to invest in mini versions first. Try it out for a few days to see how it suits before ordering a bigger one.