Expert-approved Tips to Grow Out Your Quarantine Haircut Faster!

Regretting your at-home haircut? Dermatologist and hair transplant expert Dr BL Jangid shares how you can easily grow out your hair longer and healthier.

While long bob or blunt bangs might have been the unofficial go-to hairstyles for many at-home hair cuts, if your quarantine hair experiment did not go down well, here's help. Growing out a bad haircut can be a tricky and painfully slow process, so we spoke to an expert to get the lowdown on fastening the hair growth process.

"Regular massage on the scalp has always been the best way to restore hair growth by stimulating hair and improving hair thickness. I also advise using conditioner more often while cutting down on shampoo. Washing your hair often means using shampoo, which takes away the natural oil from our scalp leaving it unnourished and dry. Therefore, limit the use of shampoo to not more than twice a week and switch to deep conditioning," says Dr Jangid, dermatologist and hair transplant expert at SkinQure.

Here are his tips to include in your hair care routine:

Vitamins to include in your diet

"Sometimes, vitamins and nutrients consumed by the regular meals are not sufficient for your hair growth therefore; supplements such as protein, keratin, and vitamins could be added for faster hair growth."

Dilute essential oils

"You can also try diluting essential oils such as jojoba oil in shampoo for a better hair count and smoother hair. Also, consider including a topical lotion containing growth factors that are proven to be helpful for alopecia and hair loss while resulting in fast hair growth."

Root out split ends

"Split ends and dry end hair often result in damaged hair quality which spoils your hair in the long run, therefore, ensure regular hair trimming and splits cut for better results."

Less shampoo, more conditioning

"It is important to choose your shampoo wisely. Harsh ingredients can sabotage your plans for having long hair. So, opt for gentle clarifying solutions and amp up deep-conditioning treatments. You must also not wash your hair more than twice a week with a gentle shampoo for optimum hair growth."