7 Common Habits that Could Be Ageing You Faster

Are you unknowingly ruining your skin?

We do certain things out of habit, without sparing a thought to what it might be doing to our skin. For instance, falling asleep without washing our face, skipping the sunscreen on the neck or speaking constantly over the phone. Are you guilty of any of these? Here are some skin sins that you need to leave behind for glowing, supple and wrinkle free skin. 

1. Not applying sunscreen

“The skin has a lot of forces acting upon it such as sun, harsh weather, and bad habits. There are a lot of activities we do which resulting in our skin ageing faster,” says Rajat Mathur, senior education manager at Kiehl’s India. He reveals that the most common habit which leads to ageing is not applying sunscreen. Also, do not ignore the neck area. This area is almost as exposed as the face yet it does not receive the same TLC. Remember the skin around your neck is more delicate and vulnerable to photo-ageing. 

2. Not choosing the right products

People make the mistake of not choosing the products that could boost the immunity of the skin. “The market is flooded with products which more than good do badly for the health of skin,” cautions Rajat. He further adds that people mostly seek short-term solutions instead of looking for something that would benefit the skin in the long term. “Look for adaptogenic complexes for ingredients & higher concentration of unique formulas like 11KDa Hyaluronic acid,” he suggests.


3. Constantly talking over the phone

When you talk over the phone, your cheek or chin comes in touch with the dirt and bacteria on the phone surface leading to breakouts. Even if your phone is bacteria free, leaning your face against the screen can lead to friction, occlusion and heat, all of which can give you breakouts. If you can’t get rid of the chatting habit. Invest in a headset.

4. Not incorporating vitamin C in your beauty regime

“Vitamin c is one of the most researched and best ingredient for skin. It helps in fighting skin problems and maintains the glow. Include it in your skincare routine to fight Ageing,” says Rajat.

5. Not keeping your skin hydrated

Just like our body, our skin also needs hydration. “People do not pay attention to what their skin is trying to tell them. One must adapt to water based product which hydrates the skin and keeps ageing away. Look out for products containing holy basil, ginseng root and schasandra berries,” advises Rajat.

6. Ignoring the labels on beauty products

One of the most common habit is not keeping a check on the labels on your beauty products. “One should be aware of the key ingredients a person is using on the skin. One must always look out for the potent formulas which have AHA’S & BHA’S from the early stage in life to slower the process of ageing. Thus nightly refining micro peels are highly recommended and should not be skipped. For dehydrated skin one should look for products containing hyaluronic acid and for blemish prone skin opt for salicylic acid,” says Rajat.


7. Staying Up Late 

Not getting enough sleep can cause stress, which causes a slew of skin problems like acne, eczema, and psoriasis. Also, while you sleep your body repairs the damage done to your skin cells, interrupting the process will slow down cell turnover.