Actor Saiee M. Manjrekar Shows You How to Pull Off the "No-Makeup" Makeup Look

The Dabangg actor reveals how you can get the dewy-fresh glow in five minutes

Ever wondered how actors all the time look like new born cherubs, dewy fresh skin, a healthy glow and an absolutely flawless visage? One reason is because they have access to treatments and experts that we don’t and secondly some just have good genes. However, there’s still a third way to get that no-makeup natural glow and that’s with makeup. If you scroll through the Instagram feed of actor Saiee M Manjrekar, who made her Bollywood debut opposite Salman Khan in Dabangg 3, you will find her gorgeous photos and the glowing, dewy-fresh skin is hard to miss. We get her to share tips on how to pull off the no-makeup look with makeup. Read on to find out. 

Saiee Manjrekar

Hydrate your skin 

You need to hydrate your skin at all times. The best way to get the desired hydration is through a good moisturiser says Saiee. 

Use rose water as a toner

“I always start my makeup with rose water as a toner on my bare skin. That helps bring out the natural glow,” reveals Saiee.

Avoid matte or powder contours. 

“Things like cream contours, liquid contours and stick contours will look more natural and will give you a glow. These contours also blend well,” says Saiee.

Use a cheek tint

“Instead of using powder blushes, I usually use a  cheek tint. They give you a natural flush,” adds Saiee.

Ditch black for eyes

“On my eyes I usually use a brown kajal pencil or a brown eyeshadow in my waterline instead of black which makes it look more natural and not in your face,”  

Go for a transparent mascara

“I use a transparent mascara for an everyday look. It accentuates your lashes without making them look too over the top, which normally happens with black mascara,” suggests Saiee.

Finish with a setting spray

“Instead of using a studio fix or a powder to set your makeup, use a good setting spray which will make your skin glow and give it a hint of healthy shine. Also make sure your foundation or concealer and whatever you put on your face suits your skin type,” concludes Saiee.