A Night Time Routine to Arrest Ageing

Your simple but effective armour against ageing 

Who doesn’t want youthful skin forever but then ageing is a natural process and so fine lines, wrinkles and discolouration will happen in the course of time. Though you can’t turn back time, you can stop ageing in its tracks. Yes, an effective night-time skincare routine will go a long way in combating ageing. Rajat Mathur, senior education manager at Kiehl’s India, lets us in onto a simple five-step night-time routine that will help you wake up with supple, glowing skin in the morning.

STEP 1: Remove Your Makeup Thoroughly

The first and most significant step is to remove your makeup. The best makeup removers are the ones that cleanse the face and leave the skin feeling soft and refreshed. “It is essential to use an oil-based cleanser to deeply clean the face and take off that stubborn water proof mascara or Lipper,” says Rajat.


STEP 2: Cleanse

Properly cleansing your skin post-makeup removal should be the next step in your night-time routine. “Cleaning helps to fight the signs of ageing, by targeting dullness, rough skin and removing impurities. Try to include sulphate and paraben free face washes as that maintains the natural oil of the skin and does not let your skin feel parched,” adds Rajat.

STEP 3: Use a toner

A toner adds an additional boost of hydration when the skin is feeling dehydrated. Rajat explains, “toner is a water-like product that’s formulated with other beneficial ingredients that help hydrate the skin. Opt for a toner with a milky base and herbal extracts as that not only replenishes the skin’s PH level but also enhances the absorption power of the moisturizer." Ensure the toner you pick is acetone free.


STEP 4: Apply serum

“Serums are clinically-demonstrated to help correct discolourations and visibly reduce a broad spectrum of dark spots including those caused by age and UV exposure,” says Rajat. Choose one as per your need. Serums also help visibly reduce post-acne marks, hyperpigmentation and brighten skin over time.

STEP 5: Use a targeted eye cream

“An eye cream can fight dark circles, under-eye bags, and wrinkles,” says Rajat. Also it will take care of the strained nerves around eye area due to high exposure of the screen these days. 

STEP 6: Bring on the facial Oils

The night facial oils are formulated with distilled botanicals including lavender essential oil, evening primrose oil, Squalene, etc. These oils help replenish the lost moisture and give you visibly smoother and radiant skin by morning,” says Rajat. Oil is also known to help maintain skin hydration and elasticity. 

STEP 7: Moisturise

“Use an anti-aging moisturiser. It helps to lock in all the goodness that you’ve just put on your skin, while ensuring your skin stays hydrated,” says Rajat.