Before You Regret Understand What Suits You Best - Salon facial Or Medifacial

Suffering from tired, dull skin and uninvited visitors? Here's an expert-approved guide to pick the perfect beauty procedure for your skin.

To answer all your ifs and buts we have got experts in the house. We bring to you beauty expert Dr. Blossom Kochhar and celebrity dermatologist Dr. Deepali Bhardwaj to clarify all your doubts.

We are living in an era where machines are taking over the human touch same is the case with facials. Medifacial or dermatologist facial includes the use of lasers and machines for various treatments such as phototherapy, botox, fillers and many more. Spelling out the most common doubt whether its radiations are harmful for the skin or not, Dr. Deepali Bhardwaj explains “Medifacials don’t have any side effects because there’s no chemical exposure or usage of bleach, steam or any toxins on the face plus it ensures good skin health and healthy glowing skin.”

Are you having itchy and irritating acne on your face and back? Think no longer and just go for a medifacial as it assures 80-90 percent improvement in the first 3-4 sittings.  “One can lay back on the seat comfortably without worrying about one's face because dermatologists are well-trained for handling serious skin problems and will take care of the anatomy and nomenclature of muscles,” says Dr. Deepali. In case of medifacials, there’s lesser hand touch so there are lesser chances of infections in these times.

She further adds that there’s a vampire PRP; stem cell facial which is done with the patient’s own blood and is an obvious solution to a face that is looking for arresting the clock of aging and for a good youthful skin for a long time.   Dr. Deepali points out that one shouldn’t panic if one doesn’t see instant results after a medifacial because the skin is cleansed inside out and if you are prone to acne there might be an increase in acne on the face because it’s hidden in the deeper layers of the skin and sprouts up after the medifacial because unlike salon facial where acne is suppressed for time being and then it arises again, medifacial is a kind of treatment which is best for one having adverse acne problems as it brings the acne on the upper layer and treats it from the root and it eventually disappears. It can be done at any age but should be done under the supervision of a trained dermatologist. It is preferable for the skin which is sun protected or using allopathic medicated sunscreen. Hydro facial, oxy facial, vampire facial are various categories of medifacial . Oxy facial is perfect for North Indians as in this oxygen is infused into the deeper layers of the skin to remove the dirt, bacteria, viruses which are present in the air and get stick to the skin.

And if you want to just pamper your skin and do not have any serious skin concerns then Dr. Blossom Kochhar advises you to go for a salon facial with natural ingredients. This mainly includes cleansing, toning, exfoliation and leaves you with glowing and fresh skin. “If you can afford regular visits to the salon then definitely go for it as it requires frequent follow-ups and is mostly pocket-friendly” says Dr. Kochhar. To avoid any uninvited visitors on your special day it’s advised to go for a salon facial two days before the event and keep your face away from heavy makeup for some days after a facial. The best option is to pick the one which suits your skin concerns.