5 Hairstyles to Try If You Have a Long Face

Flatter your face shape with some help from an expert

If you have an oblong face, the you have one of the most versatile faces in the bunch. Kriti Sanon, Sarah Jessica Parker, Liv Tyler and Hilary Swank are some among the many who have oblong faces that look absolutely gorgeous. If you feel your face looks pointed, then little hair tricks will make it appear symmetrical and shorter. We spoke to Chandni Kamdar, Technical Trainer, John Paul Mitchell Systems India to share the most flattering styles for your face shape.

kriti sanon

Kriti Sanon

Currently, the 70’s trend is back in fashion. The side-parted bangs are the most apt way to frame your face. They can be styled with ease by using a blow dryer and can be pinned up on hot days. This hairstyle can be a refresher to start your post-pandemic party.

sarah jessica parker

Sarah Jessica Parker

Incase bangs are a full-time commitment one can try out framing layers. This would make the face appear a little rounded and add much-needed volume to your hair.

Liv Tyler

Do remember that bangs are your best friend. Curtain bangs do a good job of framing your forehead and making your face appear shorter. They need frequent touch-ups but can be easy to maintain in coarse hair types.

taylor swift

A bob with layers that frame your face will give make your oblong look rounded. Chin-length bobs are ideal as they create the illusion of width.

Blake Lively

Adding texture to your hair can alter your face shape visually. Texture adds width to make the face shape more symmetric.Take cues from Blake Lively’s long but textured look. Add soft curls with an iron at home for a dramatic effect.