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5 Reasons You Need to Add Niacinamide to Your Skincare Routine

From actively reducing inflammation to repairing damaged, clogged pores, here's why this magical ingredient deserves a spot in your beauty kit.

Niacinamide—a form of Vitamin B3 (niacin)—is one of the eight B Vitamins your body requires for optimal functioning. However, were you aware that besides promoting good health, niacinamide also builds protein in your skin, along with locking in moisture to prevent damage from environmental stressors? 

It provides a wide range of skin benefits—the most vital and impressive one being helping repair damaged, enlarged and clogged pores—so that they are able to regain their normal shape and size. In fact, recent research indicates that niacinamide poses to be a remarkable ingredient when it comes to improving skin discolorations and dull skin, especially when used in higher concentrations. Besides, it is also a potent antioxidant which suggests that it can help reduce the adverse impact of environmental stressors on your skin, by reinforcing your skin’s barrier and repairing any signs of past damage.

By offering the skin with vital elements such as ceramides and keratin, it ensures that a protective layer is formed on the skin, with the purpose to combat damage from external components such as sun damage and pollutants. By affecting various pathways in your skin, it aids communication and transmission of information to and fro from the skin cells and multiple other structures in your skin.


To convince you to include this wonder ingredient in your skincare routine, beauty expert Paula Begoun elaborates on the multiple benefits of niacinamide. 


1) It reduces inflammation 

Niacinamide reduces blotching and redness that may be caused due to eczema, acne, or any other inflammatory skin condition.


2) It fights premature ageing of skin 

Niacinamide helps build keratin, a type of protein that keeps your skin firm, supple and healthy, making it look youthful and radiant. In addition, research has also found that it helps reduce fine lines, hyperpigmentation and wrinkles.


3) It generates a lipid barrier on your skin 

This form of Vitamin B3 also produces a ceramide (lipid) barrier to help retain moisture in your skin and keep it hydrated. This property is especially beneficial to those who suffer from skin disorders such as eczema or mature skin.



4) It reduces acne and appearance of pores

As already mentioned, niacinamide helps repair damaged, enlarged and clogged pores, ensuring that they regain their normal shape and size. Plus, it also helps fight severe acne, especially the inflammatory kinds. With repeated application over time, you will notice fewer lesions and improved skin texture.


5) It keeps your sebaceous glands in check

Niacinimide helps regulate the amount of oil your sebaceous glands produce, preventing them from going into overdrive. Moreover, it helps generate skin cells and shields your skin against environmental stresses including sun damage, pollution and other unwanted toxins.