3 Viral Blush Techniques That Everyone is Trying Out on Your Social Media Feed!

The viral red lipstick as a blush hack or the signature E-girl nose blush application and more, check out these viral Internet makeup trends you are sure to see everywhere. 

Your blush is probably the MVP of your beauty bag. 

With just a swipe or a dab, the right blush can instantly give a rosy, sun-kissed and fresh look to your skin. So, whether your blush of choice is powdered, cream or just a tube of red lipstick on double duty, check out these viral blush techniques to dramatically transform your lewk:

The lipstick blush 

viral blush

This application technique may seem a tad shocking but it gives a gorgeous, natural flushed look to your face. Swipe your fave red lipstick on the forehead, cheeks and nose. Now dab on some concealer and foundation over it as you usually do. Blend it well and your sun-kissed face is all set!

The E-girl style

e girl makeup

Remember the scene girls in the Y2K? Well, meet their new-age counterparts, the E-girls. And, their trademark blush application on the nose is a great makeup trick! All you need to do is to dab your favourite blusher on the top of your nose fading out towards the cheeks. This gives the illusion of a pixie-esque, upturned nose. 

The multi-blush application

megan lavallie

Makeup artist Megan Lavallie took to her TikTok account to share how you can use a liquid blush to different parts of your face to get a variety of effects. For instance, if you want to amplify the fox eye, lifting effect, dab three dots under the outer corner of her eye and blend. For a wide-eyed doll face effect, she suggests applying four dots in the shape of a square on the top of your jaw.