This Tik-Tok Eyeshadow Hack Is a Must Try for Beginners

It looks too good to be true...but just trust us and wield the brushes to blend your eyeshadow as good as an MUA does!

Every once in a while a hack goes viral on Tik-Tok and this time it includes our beloved eyeshadow palette. If you are someone who hoards on gorgeous nude toned pallets only never to apply them because you are afraid you might end up looking like a raccoon then we highly suggest you consider this hack. Whether you want to use soft shimmers or create a sultry smokey-eye—this will have you covered. 

Also, isn't this the perfect time to try out this hack and go out for a brunch with your girls as you show off your brightly-hued peepers?! With masks being the norm, we totally think this will change the way you used to use your eyeshadows before. Check out the steps below to get an eyeshadow look which my friend, literally takes no time and gives you a flawless finish.

Step 1

Begin by applying a hint of concealer and blend it nicely on your eyelids to banish any discolouration and make your eyeshadow last longer. Also, this will give you a GREEAAT colour payoff! Set it with your good ol' translucent powder and then pick 3-4 complimentary shades. For example, a chocolate brown for the transition, a taupe brown to soften the harsh brown edges and a golden or bronze shimmer shade to add that extra oomph!

Step 2

Take your flat eyeshadow brush and pack on every colour. Begin with the shimmer on the innermost corner of your eye, follow it with taupe brown and let the chocolate brown shade be for the crease. Draw a line for each shade using the brush.

Step 3

Now is the time to weave all the magic! Take a fluffy eyeshadow brush, make sure it is clean. Begin by starting from the innermost corner if you are a tad bit nervous. Use gentle sweeping motions and then slowly blend it with the other two shades. Take li'l breaks in between to see how it's turning out. Slowly blend in the crease shade (darkest shade) and with the leftover colour on your brush, just sweep it on your lower lashes. Voilà! Finish the look by curling your lashes and add a few coats of mascara and a liquid liner if you like. 

Check out these videos for visual reference. 




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