4 Non-Greasy Moisturisers to Keep Your Skin Hydrated

Keep your skin optimally hydrated with these lightweight moisturisers for a natural glow, sans any oiliness.   

You need to keep your skin hydrated to maintain its overall health. The protective layer of skin called the moisture or lipid barrier is compromised due to dehydration and this can leave your skin vulnerable to damage, especially by environmental aggressors. Even if you have oily skin, which produces excessive sebum and prone to breakouts, you need to manage and retain the moisture levels of your epidermis. Hence, using a moisturiser is a must, and if you are tired of your skin getting greasy after applying one, then opt for one that is oil-free and non-comedogenic. So, here are some of the best moisturisers that will instantly seep into your skin and make it plump with hydration, without the fear of clogging your pores or a greasy sheen.

For Anti-Ageing Care

Ilana Organics All Time Moisturiser – Cell Regeneration & Hydration

This cruelty-free formula nourishes skin with its aloe vera and anti-ageing pomegranate extracts, and calms down rashes, burns, and breakouts with its cooling effect, without clogging up pores.


Promising up to 10 hours of hydration, this non-greasy moisturiser contains the goodness of green tea and hyaluronic acid. It stimulates cellular regeneration, and loaded with antioxidants, it helps protect the skin from the free radical destruction.

For Avoiding Breakouts

Paula’s Choice Clear Oil-Free Moisturizer

With additional skin soothing extracts from liquorice and wild cherry, it has been designed as a comprehensive skincare solution for oily skin.


A unique blend of antioxidants, sourced from acai and blueberry that neutralise free radical damage, this lightweight formula has been especially designed for pimple and acne prone skin. Containing niacinamide that minimises pores and ceramides that strengthen skin’s surface, this moisturiser improves overall skin tone and eliminates dryness.

For Enhanced Hydration

mCaffeine Oil-Free Coffee Moisturizer

PETA-approved and fast absorbing, this formula keeps skin plump with hydration all day long and its energising fragrance of freshly grounded Arabica coffee will instantly uplift your senses too.


Enriched with antioxidant-rich coffee, hyaluronic acid, and Pro-Vitamin B5, this oil-free moisturiser helps control excess oil by maintaining skin hydration. Keeping skin hydrated for up to 48 hours, it tones skin with caffeine and improves its texture.

For Two-in-One Benefits

Re'equil Oil Free Moisturiser

Packed with betaine and alpha bisabolol, it hydrates effectively and restores your skin’s natural luminosity and suppleness.

Suitable for all skin types, this lightweight moisturiser is fast absorbing and non-comedogenic as it does not clog the skin pores. It can be used as a primer and it acts as an ideal base for your make-up. It regulates excessive sebum production and prevents your skin from getting greasy.