#CosmoAfterhours: Two friends, one stranger, and a wild night out

Three's company!

#CosmoAfterhours: Two friends, one stranger, and a wild night out

You could say that I’ve had my fair share of sexual encounters—by which I mean that I have slept with women and men my age, as well as men who’re older, dominant, and sexy (and have more money!).

I’m not exactly what you’d call ‘promiscuous’, rather, I am very experimental. Or at least I thought so, until I found myself in a bed at a five-star hotel with my best friend and a 56-year-old man. It looked like we jumped right out of a dirty Wattpad story involving the most sordid clichés.

It started the way a normal night out usually does—my friend and I dressed up to go to a club that had recently opened. Liquor is insanely priced at clubs, so we preboozed in our kitchen and set off as soon as we were tipsy.

As we grooved to the music, I could feel this man’s eyes on me. This guy—let’s call him Viraj*—stood out from the crowd, for one he was older, and he also carried this understated confidence that was attractive. I could not help but match his gaze.

As he came nearer, I pulled my friend closer to me because I didn’t know what he had in mind. He bought us drinks and asked, “How old are you girls?” We smiled and said 21. He then asked us the most bizarre question one could expect, “Would you girls love going back to the hotel with me?” My friend and I exchanged glances. Sensing hesitation, he interrupted, “Don’t worry! I’ll pay you ₹20,000 if I get to bone you girls together.”

“A threesome!?” my friend’s eyes lit up. Reader, now you have to understand that I have this unflattering, occasionally inconvenient, and frowned-upon thing for the ‘illicit’, and so I could not help but agree.

The alcohol we consumed gave us the gall to agree to what he proposed. In the hotel, we found a bed adequately sized for the three of us. Without wasting any more time, Viraj started kissing me and my friend unbuttoned his shirt.

Threesomes weren’t as messy as I initially thought—we were working as a team in unison, shedding each other’s clothes without missing a beat.

Cosmo After-Hours

It wasn’t long until I felt an abundance of kisses from the nape of my neck to my bust and then stomach; while simultaneously, my friend’s sloppy kisses occupied my lips. I couldn’t wait any longer for some penetration. I shifted my position and tilted my pelvis and a wave of relaxation washed over my body as he entered me.

He finished quickly, as my friend and I lay famished on the bed, I couldn’t help but marvel at the sheer rapturous adrenaline high of an encounter like this.

Just when I thought that the night couldn’t get more exciting, I heard Viraj say “Let’s go for another round...but let’s go bareback this time.” I glued my eyes on him...he had the sort of determination that could shift mountains.

Great sex can discombobulate you so thoroughly that sometimes the things you do make no sense. I asked him to pay me more if he wanted me to try other things. “I don’t have any more cash on me,” he said. “Well, we have a bunch of clothes that we’ve wanted to buy from H&M. Pay for that,” my friend demanded, and, at that time, I thought it was a fair deal, after all who’s ever said no to some new clothes?

The next morning, we left the hotel sporting the previous day’s dirty clothes. On our way home, we stopped to buy coffee and some new clothes to hide our little secret: it for sure, is always, three times the charm.

Illustration by Tanya Chaturvedi

This article originally appeared in Cosmopolitan March-April 2024 print issue.

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