The Finest Hair Masks for Voluminous Locks

Make your hair bouncier and appear denser with these amazing volumising hair masks.

Dealing with limp and flat hair is a challenge we often face, especially if you have fine or oily hair that tend to lack structural density or become greasy often. Incorporating volume boosting hair products in your haircare routine is the easiest way to infuse your tresses with nutrients that enhance structure, shine, and volume. Hair masks with deep conditioning powers, help hair and scalp retain their natural moisture and boost their recovery from damage caused by environmental aggressors like sun rays and pollution as well as chemical or heat styling treatments. So, here are some of the best volumising hair masks that will ensure your mane looks fuller and lively with health. 


Providing weightless volume to fine hair, this hair mask stabilises hair from deep within to create long-lasting volume. It strengthens the hair shafts without weighing them down. Infused with creatine and elastic polymers, it makes hair agile and less prone to breakage.


With the power of keratin protein, hair’s natural building block, this creamy formula offers intensive hair repair treatment for hair that is weak and lacks structural integrity. It revitalises dull hair and gives it a healthy bounce and sheen. This mask contains a potent protein formula that enhances hair’s tensile strength and restores the damage caused by styling procedures or environmental aggressors


Enriched with Vitamin B7 (biotin) and hydrolysed collagen, this hair mask deeply nourishes and conditions dry and damaged hair, fortifying it and making it soft, smooth, and healthy. With additional moisturising goodness of Moroccan argan and avocado oils, combined with shea butter, silk proteins, and pro-Vitamin B5 and Vitamin E, its formula revitalises listless locks, making them satin-smooth, and radiant instantly.

Straightening disorderly hair cuticles with potent moisturising agents like pure Moroccan argan, sweet almond, and coconut oils, this hair mask is ideal for controlling frizzy hair and restoring hair damage. Penetrating deep into the hair shafts, it replenishes lost moisture and boosts their texture, rendering them supple and smooth.