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Get Glowing Skin on the Go with These Two Game Changing Products

Here’s why you need to include Kama Ayurveda’s Brightening Bi-Phase Essence and Kumkumadi Clarifying & Brightening Cleansing Oil in your daily beauty ritual 

With only a few days left for the year to end, we are sure you have several last minute get-togethers, mini vacays, packing and shopping left to do and staying on top of your skincare routine can be a little difficult amidst all the bustle. To make things easier for you, Kama Ayurveda has come out with two new products that will fix the lacklustre tone of your skin on the go. Yes, you got it right! For that flawless glowing skin, all you have to do is to make sure these two new products— Kumkumadi Brightening Bi-Phase Essence and Kumkumadi Clarifying & Brightening Cleansing Oil are a part of your daily beauty routine. 

These two new products are a part of Kama Ayurveda’s Kumkumadi range and contain the magic potion—the iconic Kumkumadi Thailam or Kumkumadi Oil. It is an Ayurvedic formulation of precious herbs that brightens dull skin and enhances radiance. In both the products, Kumkumadi oil has been blended with a host of other natural ingredients to create a formulation that can give your skin a radiant glow. 

When you are out for work, it can be difficult to follow a skin routine on the go, so keeping in mind the requirements of many women to rely on an instant glow-inducing pick me up, the Kumkumadi Brightening Bi-Phase essence was launched. It’s neither as thick as a serum nor as flimsy as a toner. You can carry the essence and spritz it on your face and neck any time of the day and at night too for an instant glow on the go. In the morning, follow up the application with sunscreen and in the evening with a night cream. It contains Kumkumadi Oil made from pure Kashmiri saffron and adds a dewy, golden glow to your skin. It also has Liquorice that brightens and helps remove excess melanin., aloe vera leaf juice which helps to soothe and heal and vitamin E that prevents oxidative damage, hydrates and strengthens the skin's natural barrier. Plant-based emollients smooth out skin texture lending a subtle sheen. The combination of these ingredients, packed in a bi-phase formula help prep skin and achieve a natural glow. In a nutshell, the bi-phase essence locks in moisture, hydrates and illuminates the skin, giving a natural dewy look sheen and the best part, its lightweight texture makes it ideal for any season round the year and your go to glow on the go.


The Kumkumadi Brightening Bi-Phase is available in 30ml for INR 2,295/-.

Whilst we increasingly use skincare products on our skin, we seem to rush through the most basic and essential step of our beauty routine: cleansing. So at the end of the day, when you want to get rid of the dirt and impurities that rest on your skin, you wouldn’t want a cleanser that dries out the skin. The Kumkumadi Clarifying & Brightening Cleansing Oil is just what you need. It gently removes impurities, environmental pollutants and makeup while keeping the skin hydrated and elastic. It imparts a lasting glow. This lipid-replenishing oil contains the Kama Ayurveda Kumkumadi oil that is enriched with natural ingredients such as Kashmiri saffron, liquorice, Indian madder, centella asiatica and citron fruit that work on the skin to reduce pigmentation, build collagen and retain elasticity. It gently lathers on moist skin to deep cleanse and imbue it with an after-rinse glow. The cleansing oil is a perfect addition to skincare regimen before a night out on the town or a restful night in. 


The Kumkumadi Clarifying & Brightening Cleansing Oil is priced at INR 1,995/- for a 100ml bottle.

The USP of these products is the natural ingredients used in its formulation. Made by using the ancient science of Ayurveda, Kama’s products focus on the purity of ingredients and efficacy of formulae. All the products are EU certified internationally. Both Brightening Bi-Phase Essence and Kumkumadi Clarifying & Brightening Cleansing Oil are 100% natural, vegetarian and sans any additives.