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Follow This Routine for Moisturised, Glowing Skin in Winter 

Celebrity cosmetic dermatologist shares a fail-proof strategy to protect your skin from getting weather-savaged

Temperatures have begun to drop and every time you step out, you have to deal with the harsh, cold wind. Yes, winter is officially here and with that comes an array of skin woes: tightness, dryness and flakiness are common during this time of the year. So if you do not pay attention to proper prep and care, dry skin, chapped lips and lacklustre skin tone would become a constant through this season. So we got Dr Jaishree Sharad, celebrity cosmetic dermatologist to tell you how to tweak your existing skincare routine to easily ward off unwanted skin problems and keep your skin glowing.


1. This is the time when the skin all over the body feels extremely dry. Dr Jaishree recommends using a body lotion with deep moisture serum like the NIVEA Nourishing Body Milk. This rich and creamy formula with deep moisture serum & vitamin E deeply moisturizes the skin for upto 48 hrs and softens dry skin. If you have extremely dry skin, NIVEA Ultra Rich Body lotion with natural almond oil is recommended. The rich formula forms a protective layer on your skin and transforms your Ultra dry skin to a visibly smooth & soft skin even in the harshest winters. 


2. If you are looking for one solution to multiple problems then Dr Jaishree suggests you keep a NIVEA Creme handy.  It's an all-purpose cream that you can use for everyone in the family, making it the perfect moisturizer for all seasons. What’s more, it can be used as a night cream and as well as a foot cream. This creme not only keeps your skin moisturised and nourished and is also easy-to-spread and apply on your skin.


3. If the thought of chapped lips and lipstick peeling off haunts you then invest in NIVEA Original lip balm. According to Dr Jaishree, this intensely moisturising lip balm enriched with shea butter and natural oils will keep your lips moisturised for 24 hours. So use it under your lipstick or include it in your night-time skin care routine for beautifully soft, supple lips.