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#ShowstopperAlert: 5 ways to get a perfectly blended hair color makeover!

Say hello to your new salon favorite this season—Matrix Color Melt!

‘Messy hair, don’t care’ said nobody who loves their tresses, ever! Your hair offers you a canvas you can use to exhibit your personality. This is why, there is a spring in your step, each time you get a hair treatment or haircut. You will make plans to especially align with your salon session as you strut around, flaunting your new mane game. However, often, unless your haircut is as different as our lives after the pandemic, novelty may not be in the cards. The best way to express your individual style is to get a hair color done. Whether you have a special event coming up or want to give yourself a hair makeover that can be noticed by people, other than your salon stylist—the Matrix Color Melt technique will be the most efficient.

For the uninitiated, color melting is a blending technique that mixes two to three shades seamlessly, to avoid unforgiving demarcations. After balayage and ombre (and sombre), this trend is being embraced by those seeking a trendy hair color. If hair damage is the first thing that pops into your head when you think about hair color, don’t fret, because Matrix SoColor, a brand that professionals swear by, has the perfect innovation for you. It has a pre-bonded formula that helps protect your hair every time you color. Matrix Color Melt, a revolutionary technique by the industry mavens will give you a stunning makeover by elegantly blending more than 2 shades. Here are five reasons why you must get the Matrix Color Melt done on your hair in order to get the perfectly blended look…

You get to embrace the fluidity of hues

We stepped into a whole new era in 2010 as sharp highlights made way for a more fading-into-it look. It started with ombre, and now, more than a decade later, the world can’t get enough of the assimilation of hues when it comes to hair coloring. To give you a seamless amalgamation of colors, Matrix Color Melt’s shades—from hues of Choco to Reds—blend so well, that the lines of distinction get pleasantly blurry.

The pre-bonded formula works like a charm

The biggest concern for anyone when going for hair color is hair damage, which is very well, a possibility with some insensitive products. Having said that, a pre-bonded formula ensures protection for your hair while you color. How does it work? Matrix Color Melt uses Matrix’s SoColor range, which comes equipped with a bond-protecting concentrate consisting of positive charges. These attach to the negative charges of damaged hair and end up fortifying your internal hair structure.

Matrix Color Melt shows on dark hair

For the color melting technique, you need a formula that makes the selection of shades visible in your hair—and dark-haired individuals often struggle with that. Matrix Color Melt uses their SoColor range which goes deeper into the hair strands and works brilliantly on Indian hair.

Expert’s loved choice

Let the experts work their magic on your hair! The Matrix color melt trend requires the skilful use of the hair professional’s hands to blend the shades and give your hair a vertical dimension. Consult a good hairdresser who will analyze your hair type and cut, to ensure your shades smoothly evanesces into another. Matrix Color Melt + Good Hairdresser = You’ve struck gold.

Enhance your look with color that is super versatile

Your hair color journey doesn’t end after you walk out of the salon, happy with your new look. It involves a lot of showing off on-trend hair artistry, which means that you should choose a style that is versatile. With your new hair game, you should be able to make a strong case for being on trend, be it at work, at a party, or for a special occasion. With Matrix Color Melt’s rich color palette, looking your absolute best comes naturally.