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Lazy people’s guide to foolproof DIY nail art

Step one: order nail stickers, stat!

Your manicure does speak a lot about your personality. There are people who like to keep their nails basic, and then there are those who would not mind a little bit of nail art. Having said that, DIY nail art can seem rather tedious to an amateur. Still want to do it but the lazy girl in you seeks an easier way to do so? Here are a few ideas!

options galore

Options galore

Nail stickers give you an instant upgrade. They not only last longer as compared to press-on nails but also make your tips look hella fancy.

Add-ons to keep handy

Nail stickers are great for people whose schedules don’t allow them to spend hours at a salon—these cuties allow you to up your manicure game in literally seconds. To ensure these stickers sit nicely on your nails, clean the nail bed using an alcohol-based nail polish remover to eliminate any stickiness.

The perfect fit

Use a cuticle pusher to increase the surface area. When applying the stickers, cover the index finger of the other hand with a clear wrap to keep fingerprints at bay. Place it gently on each nail and push it hard to secure.

perfect fit

Smooth it out

File the excess bit with a medium rough nail file

The finishing touch

Apply a generous coat of clear nail polish for a profesh, salon-like finish—this will also increase the life of your stick-on.

TIP: If you want to get crafty with your basic manicure, add cute stick-ons once the polish is dry for an arty vibe.