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Jennifer Lopez just served the ultimate bridal updo for a *very* special wedding

Her stylist is a creative genius.

Jennifer Lopez just wore an updo Maria Fiore would be proud of (that's her character in The Wedding Planner, FYI). Slick, flawless, and bridal with no hint of prissy or dated, this particular hairdo was worn to a very special wedding... sort of.

J-Lo wore the style to the premiere of her new movie Shotgun Wedding, so I guess it's kiiind of a return to the wedding movie genre? Except this is less save the date cards with roses, and more save everyone in the wedding party with rifles.

The look was created by celebrity hairstylist Andrew Fitzsimons and drew on the classic slicked styles that we know and love from the star throughout her career. But rather than chose between a fully slicked back look or a middle-parting, Andrew has given Jen a short soft parting at the front, creating a flattering sweep of hair as it reaches back toward the bun (which believe me, I'm getting to).

To take a middle parting all the way down the scalp, it's hard to get around needing to have a low bun or ponytail, but a partial part has the best of both worlds, allowing freedom with the placement at the back, and boy did these two use that freedom.

If we can call this a bun, it's the most exquisite choux bun eclair. Running from above the crown, down round the curve of her head, the hair is woven, teased, tucked and folded into a relaxed yet strong body of hair.


Now I'm not going to pretend I can fully work out this mastermind's construction, but looking at the hair along the head, it appears this started with the hair being fastened mid-height before the shape was created and pinned back up over the head. Giving the clever illusion of this unique, elongated bun.

No one tell Maria Fiore, but I don't have a wedding scrapbook. If it did, though, this would be going in it.