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8 influencers recreate the standout beauty moments from the runways

From Santoshi Shetty to Subiksha Shivakumar, here are creators showcasing the best of runway makeup looks.

Runways are not just for the outfits. It's a platform where one can look out for makeup that stands out. 

Here, Cosmo India features creators who recreated these runway looks. Take all the inspo you need!

‘What a Gem’ ft. Shraddha Gurung



Perfect for those who love all things ‘extra’, the jewelled-eye trend has been building up for a few seasons now. And each time, we witness the backstage pros come up with newer ways to get creative with gems, jewels, crystals, and more. The idea is simple: highlight the gaze in a manner that people can’t take their eyes off you. And no matter how safe or ‘out there’ the version is, blingy eyes can instantly spark joy. Shraddha chose to play with crystal stickers that outline the lid in striking ways.

‘Stay Luminous’ ft. Aanam Chashmawala



Glowing skin is always on-trend. And with skincare being equated with self-care during the pandemic, there was a lot of emphasis placed on the skin’s finish this season. This trend is one of the timeless pillars of beauty that can easily help elevate any other trend it is fused with—the combinations are endless. A radiant finish can be achieved with the help of a dewy foundation. If you want the kind of complexion that catches light, blend your regular foundation with highlighter drops to get that prism effect.

‘Dark Mood’ ft. Santoshi Shetty



In a sea of classic reds and pretty pinks, darker lipstick shades struggled to find their footing. However, bold lips are no longer catalogued under ‘gothic’, and that’s a great thing. If you are looking to turn heads, then burgundy, blue, plum, and chocolate should be your go-to shades. This trend doesn’t demand perfectly lined lips—apply the desired shade to the middle of the mouth and smudge it out with your fingers. A matte finish is ideal as it won’t bleed, but if you want to be showered with compliments, vinyl lips will grant you your wish.

‘Get Graphic’ ft. Samhita Sharma



The evolution of the eyeliner commands a study of its own. There are so many ways one can highlight their eyes with the help of a simple liquid or pencil liner. And since graphic shapes essentially include anything that’s out of the ordinary, making a statement has never been easier. Just draw on any shape your heart desires—lines extended till the temples, reverse cat-eye, or horizontal lines on the upper and lower lids...there’s inspo galore this season. Extra points to those who add a pop of colour or experiment with different finishes.

‘Hints of Blue’ ft. Subiksha Shivakumar



Cobalt blue has reigned supreme for many a season, but this time around, the entire spectrum of blue came out to play. Cerulean, aqua, azure, teal, indigo, lapis, midnight blue, and more...we saw the palette not just make an appearance, but it also left an impact on the way this trend will shape up in the coming seasons. Subiksha shook things up by adding blue to her arty cat-eye, and a similar colourful collaboration was seen on the runways as well. Along with saturated blue shadows, we spotted black-and-blue double liner moments, pastel blue mascara, and blunt wings—all striking in their own way.

‘The New Smokey’ ft. Aman Bhatia



When it comes to smoked-out lids, it is no longer a party for one. The smokey eye trend has peaked again, thanks to the colour-blocking variation. Aman replicated Mark Fast’s version of this trend, exclusively for Cosmo, by adding a pop of blue. But vivid hues are not the only way to cop this trend. Along with bright shades, you can even aim for a tonal effect by mixing grey and black together, à la Versace, or blend a darker shade of red for a grunge effect, as seen at LaQuan Smith.

‘Think Pink’ ft. Debasree Banerjee



This colour is having a major moment, thanks to the ‘Barbiecore’ trend gaining traction and, of course, Valentino claiming it as kin. And while we are enjoying head-to-toe pink looks, when it comes to make-up, it can be a bit daunting for some to sport this shade in all its glory. Emporio Armani’s version is more subdued in comparison to what we saw on the Valentino runways, and adding a bit of black or brown will help minimalists get on the pink bandwagon. Debasree has recreated the look seen at Poster Girl, and, frankly, it is the most beautiful union of colour and graphic shape. Long-wear, paint-like formulas are ideal to create this version, and, for others, you can mix powder shadow with a mixing medium to make it last.

‘Bold Blush’ ft. Joan Dominic Rai



Traditionally, blush is used to mimic a healthy glow. But over the years, it has taken on additional responsibility. Powder formulas, especially, are a crucial part of the backstage pros’ kits now, as they allow one to build colour. Starting high up near the temples and coming down till the cheekbones—forming a big ‘C’—heavy blush applied in this fashion has an artful quality to it. And Joan has copped it to a tee! While the runways featured more saturated looks, this trend is easy to translate in real life: you could tone down the colour, but blush contour is the softer cousin of the OG contour, and helps frame the face.