5 conscious Indian skincare brands we have heart eyes for

Responsible sourcing and zero-waste packaging FTW!

By Sarah Khalkho
17 October, 2022
5 conscious Indian skincare brands we have heart eyes for

While the beauty industry is known for being one of the worst offenders when it comes to environmental impact and still suffers from ample greenwashing, there are a lot of up-and-coming brands that are proving that sustainability is not just a buzzword in the skincare world–they are not afraid to put their (eco-friendly) products where their mouth is. So, we at Cosmo did your homework for you and found the best home-grown skincare brands that are not only good for your skin but great for the planet too!

Bare Necessities

When we think of eco-friendly skincare brands, Bare Necessities is at the top of our list–and for good reason. As their name suggests, they are all about being minimal and mindful with their packaging–the products come packed in either glass or recyclable paper. Bonus, you get a discount on your next purchase when you return your empty containers. Talk about a win-win!

Our favourite: Golden Hour Liquid Soap (that happens to be zero-waste)

Earth Rythm

Though the brand might have shifted from its zero-waste philosophy to using a mix of bio-plastic packaging, Earth Rhythm is still a responsible option for all your skincare needs. Their shampoo and hair conditioners are best-sellers and a great way to reduce plastic waste from your hair care routine. Plus, they have zero-waste tools on their website too–think reusable makeup pads and bamboo wooden toothbrushes.

Our favourite: Murumuru Butter Shampoo Bar

Juicy Chemistry

With Juicy Chemistry’s entire product range being certified according to the Ecocert Cosmos V3 Standard, you know they take responsible skincare seriously! Most of their products–from serums to deodorants, are sold in either glass or cardboard packaging. And the cherry on top? You can send back empty bottles to earn credit points.

Our favourite: BHA Clarifying Serum

Pahadi Local

With re-plantation, orchard development, and ecology protection at the forefront of their brand’s motto, Pahadi Local’s aim is to bring the unadulterated ingredients straight from the Himalayas into your skincare routine. Their most popular products are the natural oils extracted using age-old methods–give their apricot kernel oil a try as facial oil if you have dry and dehydrated skin. And what’s more, from sourcing to extracting to packaging, they are committed to leaving minimum impact on their surroundings.

Our favourite: Gutti ka Tel (Apricot Kernel oil)

Neemli Naturals

If are a passionate vegan on the lookout for brands that are not only eco-friendly but check all your boxes too, then Neemli Naturals will fit the bill perfectly. Their cruelty-free range is completely devoid of animal-based ingredients and is crafted in small batches, making them safe and fresh too. That means you won’t find certain ingredients like squalane and hyaluronic acids (which are animal derivatives) in their products. Their serums and moisturizers definitely get a big thumbs up from us!

Our favourite: Neemli Naturals Hyaluronic and Oat Amino Acid Moisturiser